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Way TMI...

...I swear my body KNOWS it Wi tonight.

Every monday and Tuiesday I have trouble, 'going'as it were. :eek:

I have terrible tummy ache, and I really dont want to go tonight.
I know itll say a small loss, sts or even a gain.

Fed up. On my scales at home, the same as WI one, it says Ive lost 1 stone 2 lbs but due to this 'issue' ive only lost 8.5 officially.

Maybe I should stop going and just do it online and WI in the morning at home.

Honestly I really feel like crying. totally had it. :cry:
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I had a gain yesterday, and I was half expecting it before I got there. It was the first one I have had and of course I was a bit gutted, especially as there was no real good reason for it, but it happens and by this time next week I will have forgotten about it.

Chica, this is just a blip. Go anyway, you may have gained, you may have lost, you may have STS, but its one step on a much longer journey. The key is that if life forces you to take a backward step, to only allow it to be one before you step forward again.

Oh I know Ive lost. Im 3lbs lighter this week, but factor into this 'issue' and the end of day WI and I doubt it'll show.

Oh I know Ive lost. Im 3lbs lighter this week, but factor into this 'issue' and the end of day WI and I doubt it'll show.

Take heart that it will show next week. Losing weight is about more than just one WI, its one of those journey things that are so 'in' these days. :p
I know I know, i also know that if I have a gain or sts I will find it very hard (but not impossible) to avoid inhaling the sweetshop on the way home!!!!

Its very disheartening, i shall go but will feel guilty and thats poo (oh the irony!)

Hi hun - could your monday / tuesday constipation be because you cut down the amount you're eating because it's coming up to WI? That way if you're not putting anything in the top end, it won't be pushing out whats in the bottom end. xxx
oh I wish Lousie! I just dont understand, its very disheartening.
You know it is "waste" and not weight though. OK it doesnt have good timing, but you shouldnt let it get you down.

I am sure you are trying lots of things in order to increase your regularity, but if this is a regular thing and you are doing all the things you should be, like making sure you get your hexBs and drinking lots of water, then maybe its worth discussing with your GP, you might benefit from fybogel or something like that.


I had this a couple of weeks after starting too.

I completed a scan Bran challenge. Apart from sore jaws from chewing, It did help a wee bit.
Thanks girls, im off to WI now. Totally dont want to, its the negative 'feck it' attitude I shall adopt afterwards that is worrying me.

I know im ultimately in control, but it doesnt stop my crazy head from talking to me, encouraging pie eating ;)


My belly this will be!
If its definitely about the weekend can you narrow down what the cause may be? Do you drink alcohol at the weekend? If you do it will dry you out and if you are not well hydrated you will not poo properly. Similarly if you sit about a lot more at the weekend you will get constipated as well - when you start to walk about things get wobbling and therefore moving. I'm a newbie so I haven't had cause yet to worry about not losing one a week but when I do I suspect I will prob worry about weeing and pooing before my weigh day. Hmm something to look forward to... not! Of course if all the above happen over your weekend - problem solved - just do the opposite of what you do normally!
Well the next time i moan and complain you all have permission to slap me.

I lost 2.5lbs this week and got SOTW too :D

Still havnt 'gone' seems to be a SW issue with me..hmmmmm!

Ahh well cant complain, well chuffed!

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