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Ways to distract yourself from bad habits :(

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by butterfly7, 9 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. butterfly7

    butterfly7 Well-Known Member

    CAn anyone help... Struggling with the temptation to binge eat junk... Or anything I can get my hands on... Any successful ways to distract myself from this devastating habit would help :(
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  3. zoe198718

    zoe198718 Member

    I recently have started knitting and have found it relaxing and a good distraction, my current project is to make bedding for homeless dogs!
  4. Jampotlefey

    Jampotlefey Active Member

    I really struggling with this especially as I have a parner that loves to buy takeways all the time. We onky have a pizza delivery service here so he orders pizza but I get a chicken kebab no sauce . Or you can try and make your own healthy versions or takeaway.
  5. butterfly7

    butterfly7 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, made it through my craving . I did binge but on a pile full of vegetables :) feel very proud and positive :) thank you for your help!!!
  6. Jampotlefey

    Jampotlefey Active Member

    I, ve just taken up cross stich you can get mini kits from hobbycraft and amazon for about £2.50 each
  7. omnomnivore

    omnomnivore Member

    Get outside for a walk around the block, do some ironing, go to bed a bit earlier if it's later in the evening... have a bath? These things all help me :) xx

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