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we can do this!!!!


wants to get slim
most of u on here point there week so they can have a treat at the weekend either a takeout or chippy ect, but for me i cant do it im so worried that if i start having takeout or chippy i wont be able to stop i know it sounds silly but im starting to worry that this is a bit freaky , i know that i can point anything i want into my day but i wont have anything with high points , something in me says no and alarm bells go off in my head, is anyone else like me or am i just a freak
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You are not a freak - you just know your weaknesses and you have not built up the confidence yet to trust yourself around your old food demons.

There is only one way to find out though if you can change your view on it and that is to dip your toe into it and maybe allow a treat that will not devastate and see how you react.

A little caution is no bad thing but life is for living honey. :D
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wants to get slim
You are not a freak - you just know your weaknesses and you have not built up the confidence yet to trust yourself around your old food demons.

There is only one way to found out though if you can change your view on it and that is to dip your toe into it and maybe allow a treat that will not devastate and see how you react.

A little caution is no bad thing but life is for living honey. :D
yep i know your right i need to sort this out i think im so focused on loseing weight and not putting back on that i wont allow myself the freedom to have takeout, dont get me wrong im a proper jaffa cake muncher, its the bigger points that scare me.


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I'm the same, and I have proved this to myself with my going off track weekends, and STS at weigh in.

You've managed to change your mindset which is the hardest thing about weight loss, so you're not a freak at all, you're what each of us want to be!!
I hate weekends as stated her my OH loves take aways, maybe just fund 2 takaway things to stuck at for a couple of months that are healthy, mine us a chicken shish kebab with pitta and salad 4 points small 7.5 points large, or mushroom chow mein just 4.5 points, or maybe your new life us takeaway free :)
Your nit unusal or freaky just dedicated as you know how easy it can go back to before......well done :) x


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:) Hi, firstly your not a freak, you've done brillant, and, everyone, must do what works best for them. :)

Funky Mum

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Actually I'm the same but in reverse. I have a treat of chips etc but I won't let myself eat the small stuff! Things like biscuits or chocolate. I feel like I won't stop if I start, but a filling meal seems to be ok for me.
I've given up diet fizzy drinks. Used to drink loads but its 3 weeks tomorrow since I had a sip! Now that's another thing I won't even try for fear of not stopping. Let sleeping dogs lie as my friend says!


will be size 10
Hi. I am exactly the same. Absolutely cannot bring myself to have treat days. I had a first binge two days ago which was only some cookies but i was on here within an hour asking if i have ruined my weight loss lol !
Awww hon you are def not a freak. I think this is totally normal. However I do think its important to learn to control your eating, and to be able to have treats and then get back on track. Because this is for life, and eventually you will want to blow the 'diet' the odd time. The important bit is learning to get back on track xx


plodding away
Some great advice above and not much to add really. I do save my points if I know I am going to have a meal out or takeway for me its all about learning to live in a way that I can carry on for life.

But I can totally understand how you feel, as has been said maybe the confidence isnt there yet, maybe for you high point stuff is a trigger food, or maybe that way of eating isnt for you anymore - you know yourself best.

Whatever you are doing is working well anyway


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your definately not a freak, you know your weaknesses and have shown amazing willpower and determination to have come this far! You should be proud of what you have done and not worry about how your doing it.

The fact that your determination to stick with ww is stronger than your desire for takeaway is something to be proud of but remember that if you do let yourself have a treat thats ok too! :)
Nah sorry Phil youre a freak :giggle:

Just kidding ;) I have to admit I LOVE my Chinese Take Away on my treat night, its well within my points but really feels like a treat for me. Why not try having something low in points to start off, really low so well within your points. I personally think its better to have these things as we're dieting, that way its just part of your every day life and not a big thing when you come off plan. Lets face it eating out and treats are part of life and not something I want to avoid when I get to goal, its not practical. Its also part of the advantage of WW than you CAN have things like this and not have to write the day off.

I think youre SO disciplined in your counting and sticking to WW that a within points treat wouldnt affect you. You need to look on them as just things you CAN eat from time to time, not something youre going to binge on xx


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hiya ur no freak i understand totally the importance of knowing your limits and weaknesses but what i found aswell was that if i didnt allow myself room for using points on treats etc then i would eventually just blow out and ruin the whole thing including my motivation and confidence so try to fit something nice in for example share a portion of chips with someone thats only4pts and if u want bread use weight watchers bread:cool:there are so many ways to reward yourself and the long term rewards are even better xx


wants to get slim
thank you all for you comments i will def take all your advice, im glad to know im not a freak ( even if starlight thinks so lol) i am indebted to you all as always. this is a something i have been thinking about since i started my diet, i think i drummed it into my head that treats = fat , which i know is not true but thats the way i think , i think its more a timing thing as well first i never thought i would do as well as i have done and second i have a holiday coming up in a few week and its playing on my mind , i want to let myself go(on my holiday) a bit but am scared to take a step back this is new ground for me and thats whats got me all in a tizz , im so scared that if i have a set back i could go back to old ways ...... right after a 20 min conversation with lisa i realise im being a proper drama queen ( nothing new for me) i feel a lot better about what i should eat and that i should have a treat now and then so thank you all for your advice , sorry for moaning


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HEY thats what were here for everybody needs a moan at some point.:)i just remembered aswell,have you tried the ww treats available at the meetings i love the fruities sweets and at 1/2pt per pack theyre amazing pts value and a real treat:Dand dont worry as soon as i need you to pull me out of a downer i will come a moaning and you can give me a verbal kick up the ass:8855:until then just remember WE CAN DO THIS!! XX
You are not alone, I am starting to think like this aswell! My parents had a chippy last night and I had a chicken fillet with potatoes and veg.


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your not a frek Phil! My OH thinks that. When he's on a diet he doesnt have any takeaways at all because once he does its a slippery step and he falls off the wagon :(

Sometimes i do fall off the wagon but its all a part of life, there are ups and downs and you cant be expected to point constantly, you need a break once in a while to re-focus and kick start :)


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:DYEP WE ALL FALL OFF THE WAGON why do we fall?so we can learn to pick ourselves up againbacktoblack treat yourself to some chips a chippy portion is 7pts so you can afford it i usually share a portion with my fellaWE CAN DO THIS!!XX

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