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We slept all day and partied all Night

And so I put back on.......


Yuck at least the tan hides the bloating but I need to get back on TFR but have another hen this Sat and a Gala ball the following Fri (which I have a tiny dress to fit in!!)

What do you think do I start in the morn pick healthy choices sat and limit to V&T's and continue to the Friday or do I flake out and start on Sunday??

Need some wise birds and blokes to give me advise!!!
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Thanks Dalhia- I have the menu so can pre choose. Will take it easy tonight with a healthy choice and hoping when my feet come back down as well that will be a pound lost as well!! lol!!
good luck xx
Thanks Folks well didn't manage 100% to Sat- couldn't get head right and drank far too much so today is day 1. Heads in the right place today though if that makes sense so back on to shift the bloat and hit target hoping that will take less than 3 weeks and then slowly back into re-feed.

Thanks for all the best wishes I know I can get thos few lbs off and stick back with it from today bar the gala dinner on Fri.

I have to admit though I forgot what it was like to enjoy getting ready and going out and to accept compliments from people so to all who are on this journey it is really worth it as for over a year I didn't go out didn't want to be seen and wanted to hide- faked tummy bugs and made excuses even though my favorite thing in the world is dancing in a club! It's good to have the old me back!
Got through re-start day 1 and feel great. I know tomorrow will be tough but heads back in the game and even have a plan of attack for Friday night to minimise damage!!

Gonna chcek in here until next week and then re-join 100% forum but don't think it's fair to post in there when I know I've this Charity Gala Ball to get through...
I have a charity event on friday too!! Im wrestling with the guilt of eating and drinking and scared ill put lots back on. Im only having tuna steak then a few vodka and tonics and thats me then back on it 100% on the saturday. Got the same problem for the wednesday too. AGHHHH i picked the worst month to be on this lol
Starlight- you're 100% I will come out of Ketosis with Dinner before drinking.

Lucy Jucie maybe we're at the same one!! lol! The bigger concern is safety I think and you wouldn't put much on that wouldn't be gone in a day or two but the risk for your organs drinking in Ketosis is high. Don't get me wrong I did it before reading the facts that the guys here all very kindy put up. I would take a few Red Bull and pretend to be drinking now before doing it while 100%. I am trying until Friday to drop water knowing I'll have a good dinner to line my stomach and knock me out of Ketosis (It's called the Candy Ball so that will happen) and on to 100% from Sat and back into the 100% forum...
i read about a girl on this forum who went out drinking while in ketosis, she collapsed and ended up in hospital. stick to water or refeed for a couple of days. its not worth it xx

I will be eating Friday and I agree now knowing the danger I don't wanna risk it.

I also realised I didn't post my stats on Monday. So Monday 3rd I had gone up another 1.5 bringing me to 142.5lbs. My target for next Monday is to be at 136lbs and for my fitting on the 24th 130lbs leaving me 1lb to get to target.

I think it's doable as I should drop water weight fairly quickly and with a 11.5lb gain in the crazy 2.5 weeks I think a lot of that has to be water maybe 3lbs fat???

Anyhow I'm day 3 100% now going great had a slight headache last night but feeling good. Will be 100% tomorrow and will have a mix for Breakfast on Friday, have a good filling soup for lunch to knock out of ketosis and then eat my meal on Friday before having any drinks. Gonna have 6 Jager and Sprite so that I don't have a hangover the next day and can do proper 100% from Saturday onwards for the full 2 weeks.

Then STRICT re-feed for 3 weeks bar the wedding on the Sat the 29th (Though already picked healthy choices chicken salad no dressing, turkey and ham main) as I learnt my lesson from the other week!!
Ummm strange as i know people at work who drink while in ketosis and they say they are fine when there out. Im just gunna stick to my tuna and a few vodkas and ill be fine. I dont want to get drunk anyways and will have soda water in between. Thanks for the advice though.
I understand and the two times I did I was fine but after reading the dangers and the strain put on Kidneys and Liver as well this time I'm a bit more cautious...
Feeling good today on day 4 and had a sneaky peak and am 135.5 which is just under Mondays target!! I feel so much less bloated! Now reviewing Mondays target to 134lbs just to encourage myself to behave on Friday!!
Jk do you mind me asking have your pharmacy given you any grief for still being on lt even though you are a healthy bmi I'm afraid mine might stop me at 140lbs I was thinking if I still feel like I could lose more when I reach my target I will

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