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Wedding Hair Nightmare

Morning all,

I'm hoping i can pick your brains.

As you guys know I'm getting hitched a week on Saturday.(OMG!!)

I had my hair trial on Saturday. It was originally booked for Friday night but my hairdresser called me on the thursday to say that she had to move it as she had a wedding that night herself (as guest). anyway the trial was moved to saturday at 4.30. And we had a really short chat and then she decided what she was going to do. In short she listened to partially what i wanted but it had fallen by half eight. four hours!!! And considering there are five hours between my hair appointment and ceremony that just won't do. If it's an issue with what i want then wouldn't it have been better to say that off the bat - i do have quite thick hair. And for the priviledge it cost me £31!!

Even when i arrived she was so offhand and didn't seem that bothered and didn't even apologise for having to move the appointment. She was rushing me out of the door and the bits that I didn't like she was very much like well I like it. i was just in shock at the time!.

so i don't know what to do. i'm booked in to get my colour next saturday and then my hair the following sat. she's talking about putting layers of colour on my hair which in my mind is just going to be expensive and might not be what i want. i don't know whether just to cut my losses and go elsewhere.

help please. i have only been seeing her for nine months and have been happy with the cuts but not the colour side of things (sometimes i think that i would do better myself).

i'm sitting here getting so annoyed and slightly upset about this. I just want everything to be perfect. Being honest i never though i would be so worked up about hair. This triggered a lapse on Saturday night and many crooked thoughts. It may be alright on the night - but what's if it's a disaster?

any advice please?
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Aw Hun!! Ur wedding day will b perfect! But if u don't like her then go elsewhere! Get on the internet and search for wedding hairdressers NOW!! U don't want to b worrying about ur hair for the next two weeks and then all of ur big day!

And I don't believe she had a wedding on Friday night coz surely she'd have know about that before Thursday?? She sounds very unprofessional to me!!

Where r u based? And where r u getting married?

Thanks Tanners. I've found a new hairdresser. Feeling good about it as they were lovely when I explained the situation. Colour, cut and trial on Friday.

Fingers crossed!!


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, I would be careful about the colouring side of it so close to your wedding, if you have to have it coloured dont go for a drastic change, just in case.

Also it was the right thing to do to look for an alternative, this is your special day and you do not want to be fretting over your hair.

Good luck for the trial, I would do some research on wedding hair on line and take a couple of pictures with you as suggestions for your new hairdresser. A picture is far better than an explanation. xx
Good for you Ginge,
It's your day, your hair. You don't want to be :cry: if it's not right on the day.
I'm glad you've found someone you feel happier with.
Good luck with the trial.


Ready For Change!
The other lovely ladies have pretty much covered everything...

If you hadnt of changed your hairdresser it would have played on your mind from now until your big day, if your anything like me, things that play on your mind = sleepless nights and unwanted random spot breakouts or coldsores! (thumbs down!)

Really hope you are happy with your new hairdresser...

Remember its your day and you are in control!

I am secretly hoping you upload a cheeky picture on friday when you've had it done! ;):D
Thank you all so much!!! I will be posting a wee wedding photo when I am fully glammed!!

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