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Wedding invite aarrggghh


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I had completely forgotten about a wedding I am going to next week until my helpful hubbie pointed out that I can't exactly rock up and ask them to make up my soup when they start serving the meal!
We are going to be away from 10am til 10pm so I will have a soup before we go. I can take my bar and nibble on that to keep me going a bit and as I'm driving I'll be on the sparkling water anyway but I'm just worried that I won't last the day and wondered if anyone had any advice as I really want to stick to the plan.
(Sorry, I've only been on this diet for 5 days and asked a million questions already!)
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Yeah, my advice is to put on something slinky and have something to eat but just be really careful with what you choose!

Is it a buffet or sit-down meal? Buffet would be easier but a meal is do-able too.

Have a bit of meat, the leaner the better. Have some salad or veg. Don't have ANY potatoes, or bread, or puddings, or cakes. Work off some extra cals on the dancefloor if there's a disco or band. If you really don't think you can hack it eating, have an extra bar when everyone else is eating instead. They are easier to slip in a bag and having 2 in one day won't kill your diet. Drop the bar and have an extra shake or soup the next day to balance it out.

Most of all don't sweat it. One low-cal low-carb meal instead of a pack is NOT going to destroy your diet. Enjoy the day then get straight back on your packs the day after. Have fun! :)


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do what feels best to you , if you feel that you will give in just enjoy your self then get back onto it the following day and maybe put some excersise into your week . Im having a meal out sataday with my partner its his birthday and im going to enjoy myself but not go mad .


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just nibble on the salad u should be ok and some chicken without the skin, and drink plenty of water/soda water that will fill u up, but if that was me i would not go, or eat very little, i couldn not eat something.


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S: 17st5lb C: 15st8lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st11lb(10.29%)
Thanks again for the fab advice - think I will take an extra bar in my bag, check out the meal and if there is low carb and low fat potential then I'll have that, if not I'll have another bar and miss the next day. I will most certainly be shaking my booty burning of some cals on the dancefloor so I'm not going to stress about it too much.

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