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Wedding Update!

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Hey everyone!

So I went to my friends wedding yesterday aka my big reveal :)

First of all the wedding was beautiful, everything about the whole day was so perfect and the bride and groom looked out of this world. They are a lovely couple and everyone at the wedding really enjoyed the day. The church service was so nice, the reception was held in Northern Irelands best hotel so everything was the best, it was a brilliant day enjoyed by all.

I havent seen many people there from Christmas and most of the people I havent seen in 6-8 weeks. I have been on LT for 9 weeks - so really noone has seen me minus 2.5stones. I was looking forward to having some nice compliments, and then part of me was nervous incase noone said anything!

I really wasnt prepared for everyones reaction to me. It was almost surreal, I didnt even really know how to respond to it all I found it almost overwhelming. So many people looked at me in like shock, people had to do double takes, I had so many people coming over to me to tell me how well I looked, my friend (the bride) said to me that all night people where coming over to her and asking her who I was and telling her I was so attactive! I was slightly prepared for a few nice compliments but really the level of compliments completley blew my mind and I felt very shy and humbled by the whole thing (guess like years being fat and having little compliments and then to have so many was just wow) and then people where telling me I wasnt confident enough about myself, someone told me that a table was talking about me and how attractive I was but they were saying I had no confidence.... it was very strange... I do feel I have confidence but then that pickles my head why they said that... maybe they just seen how overwhelmed i was at the compliments... i dont know... but ANYWAY I had a great day and I deffo looked the best I have in YEARS. I DID feel confident and I LOVED having so many nice things said to me....

It makes me more motivated to get this final stone off and get nice and toned. Here's to the month of August - Im going for it flat to the mat!! yeee haaaaaaa!!!

I drank fizzy water all day and got a lift home with my brother and his pregnant wife just after midnight.

I didnt have a camera, but I am sure I will get photos from friends tomorrow so I will deffo let you all see me in my dress... omg EVERYONE loved my dress... I love it toooo... and im going to wear it EVERYWHERE! lol

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Sounds like a really lovely day, you should be very proud of yourself, any your confidence will return i think you was just in shock at all the nice things said, well done, Nic will need to watch out now your super motivated!!!


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hey there, i was thinking about you last nite, of how you were getting on..did your mouth not water at meal time???

fair play to you for sticking at the water, alot of my friends would be saying 'one nite wont hurt'....well get them pictures upload to i see a good looking chick... well done!!!
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wow TFB sounds like a great day & what a confidence boost to have all those fantastic comments. You must feel now like every moment on lt has been worth it, every hard day when you may have felt like giving into food is worth it to get all those comments. Just imagine what they'll be saying when you've lost the last stone, you'll be beating those blokes of with a stick!!!:D
And how amazing that you didnt give into all the lovely food, you truely are an inspiration to us all:worthy::worthy::worthy:
If i was you i would definately put weight on (from my head growing after those comments!!!);)
nikki xxx


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really pleased you had such a nice time, i wouldnt worry about the confidence thing, you were just overwhelmed, better than them saying that you were over confident! ;)

cant wait to see the piccies.


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woohoooooo what a fabulous reaction!!! you go girl!!
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Julz, you are a star!

Welcome for resisting all the food and drink and for keeping on the LT train.

I can't wait to see you in that stunning dress. All those compliments must have been so overwhelming but you deserve every one of them. You have done fantastically well.



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thats great Julz sounds like the day was fab, bet it was great getting all those nice comments you deserve it! x
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Oh Julz I am tickled pink for you babes, you so deserved all compliments and it is wonderful that you felt so fantastic and enjoyed every minute. I understand that it can be overwhelming but in such a good way though. You have worked so hard, been so positive and a joy to have met via Minis and you deserve all that you have achieved.

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Hi Julz, what a lovely reward after all your hard work losing those nasty pounds. You must be walking on air, I know I would be. Can't wait to see the pictures you in the famous dress!


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Awwww soooooo chuffed for you Julzie :D xx


Says it as it is!!!
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Baby girl woooo hooooooo ... hope some of those comments were from said footballer!!! lol
So please for you babe... you are amazing and now look amazing to match xxx


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Fantastic, well done Julz!
That's brilliant Julz. I'm so glad you had such a great day. It feels really nice when people start to notice your weight loss and comment on how fantastic you're looking. You deserve it all hun! Don't forget you've worked ******* hard to get where you are now - all that willpower you've shown. I bet you looked amazing and I can't wait to see the pics either! x
Fantastic. glad you had a great day and great reaction to the new slimmer you.
Oh so so so happy for you babe, you TOTALLY deserved the compliments and hope you had a fab day. Your dress was beautiful but am sure even more beautiful on you!!!! Well done and let this be a lesson to you all that Full TFR can adapt to your life, weddings, birthdays whatever...No Problemo!!!!!
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb

WOW - thank you all sooooooooo much for all your lovely kind words... i really believe that you guys are the reason that i have done so well on TFR. I get so much from every single one of you, the old timers and the newbies.. you are all great... I have made some very special LT buddies on my journey who have made this whole experience so much richer, funnier, and dirter ;) lol

love to u all...

i will deffo post some pics tomorrow - just hope i havent built myself up to much now - eeek! ill probably post the pics and u guys will be like wtf? ha ha ha

luv u all


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