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Im in a bit of a prediciment (sp?) I started this diet last week and thought the only thing I had on in the next few months was my daughters bday but I totally forgot that next Sat I have a wedding to go to.

I dont know what to do about the meal I have 3 options
1. Eat the meal - chances are I will go completely off the diet then because I will beat myself up about it.
2. Play with the food around the plate and then when my partner is finished give it to him
3. Fake a phonecall from my mil saying I forgot something for Clodagh and I have to bring it down straight away and just arrive down after the meal.

Im leaning towards option 3 - however the only problem is that the girl getting married knows about the diet - and she has said it to me - I know she will be offended if I dont eat. She is pretty offended already that im not drinking - but I have told her that not only is it dangerous - my daughters birthday is the next day and there is no way i am going to be hungover for that.

Any ideas? Sorry this is so long btw.
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Personally i would not eat the meal hun and your friends should understand totally, this is your journey and you dont want to ruin it. I would be like you...1 meal would make me quit! How about a flapjack hun? xxx
When she said it to me today - she said ( in a tone) 'your not bringing a shake with you!. They dont understand. I had to tell her I work in an office with her and another girl. The first couple of days they looked at me like they were dissapointed in me because im 'starving myself'

Now they just humour me. Today I was taking my shake out of the fridge in work and there was this big box of profiteroles!! There has NEVER been anything like that in the fridge before and I said it to them - and they were like oh ye sorry we were trying to hide them from you! In the fridge?? There is another fridge outside..

Sorry going off the point now. She wont understand if I just dont eat at the wedding. But your right there is no way im going to eat at it. Ive been working so so hard at this im not going to cheat now!


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Sorry to be harsh hun they are not exactly supportive friends are they. it made me more determined hun to be honest i only had my mum for support the rest were rubbish! I just wouldnt eat the meal, dont worry she wont have to pay for 1 if you give her notice lol you are not starving yourself, i never had so many vitamins in all my life lol xxx


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You have to do what is right for you and not your friend. I'd have my shake before I go to the wedding. Then I'd play around with the food on your plate and maybe eat the odd BIT of meat or green veg then pass it over to the other half. Don't let others dictate to you hun.......be strong hun.xx
Ha! Thats what my partner said - ive probably never been so healthy now that im getting all my RDA vitimans and minerals. I dont feel it though right now im the most tired ive been in a long time!

Ill try and tell her tommorrow that im not going to be eating - she'll go spare. But so what? Im not getting fat for anyone! She's not even going to see me whether I eat or not - she'll be too busy with everything else.
totally agree xx no.1 1st


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I can understand both sides to be honest. if your friend is payng anythnig like what i am per head then I'd be pretty pissed of that you would not be eating either! cant you tell her that you dont want t offend by sitting there with your shake so she should take you off the meal list and you could miss out on that part, save you from cheating and also save her paying out for something that will get wasted?
Ye your right pineapple - its wrong to go and not eat without telling her.

Im absolutly dreading telling her though - she'll give out behind my back - btw these are people I work with - not friends as such.

I have to look at the bigger picture - they may give out now - but when I lose the weight I need then they will see it was all worth it.

I think they think ketosis is some phrase i made up. Im gonna bring in the leaflet explaining it all so that if they give out - ill show them exactly why I cant eat.


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Like i said though hun if you tell her and give her notice then she ill save money so win win xxx
hi .. i think you should ask her too if she can take you off the meal list.. then she has nothing to get pissed about and you wont feel awkward.. but i agree with most posts so far as a friend she is not being very understanding is she ? you do what you want for yourself and what you feel comfortable with.. the other option is the one to have your shake and eat a little .. its tough isnt it when do's crop up i have tried to make sure as well nothing in the pipe line for a good few weeks.. missed a christening last week .. but thats all short term eh? you think of the long term .. and like you say all the hard work you have put in so far .. stick to yer guns girl.. and your partnr is supportive so ..thats good eh? hope you get it sorted.... sharonxx


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Hey, deffinately tell her your wont be eating. There maybe someone she would like to upgrade from evening reception to day reception. I agree with Pineapple, the amount that it costs per head is a hell of a lot, so you need to let her know so she doesnt have to waist the meal.
I think you should do what you like, I dont know if you have read the thread i did "negative comments from friends" but so many people agreed that so many people are negative! Its a mixture of things, they are jealouse, they dont want you to be thin, if she is your friend she should understand. Dont worry about the people at work, they sound really unsupportive! (like the people i work with!) but they will be the ones feeling fat when they are tucking into their cakes and your eating the healthy option! xx
I attended a wedding on Saturday, and I was in the same boat. I basically just did what I wanted to do and drank water and passed on the meal. It was boring, but the choice is there. So what if anyone says anything? I couldn't care less. Do what feels right.

My advice: stay at home and watch a movie! Diet distractions are more hassle than they're worth. ;)
Ive already rsvp'd - can you do that - can you just say no to the meal on the day??

I was worried sick yesterday - I was in such bad form - I even nearly ate.

Today I feel a bit better!!


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I personnaly think thats quite off if you do that. I too am on lipotrim and I am getting married next month. AM paying £75 per head for the meal and if someon did that to me I would understandably be annoyed! Am sure you would be too?! With a lot of wedding sacrifices are made and maybe you are going to be taking someone space that would have loved to have been going all day - dod you get where am coming from? By all means dont cheat on your diet, but I think you need to talk with the bride and at least offer to give your meal palce to somene else if she so wishes, if she says no then fine refuse the meal!
Thats the problem Im terrified to tell her - Im really scared. Id psyched myself up for it but today I just couldnt - she is up to her eyes in wedding preperation and she had such an attitude with me yesterday becasue I wasnt drinking!!!!


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I dont know what to say. I see where your coming from, if you do tell her then there is a good chance that she will go mad with you. (Prob caused by the stress of the wedding which is completely normal!) Maybe you could ask if there is any people that she wanted to come to the wedding that she couldnt invite cos of cost? If there is, then drop in that you dont mind giving up yours and your partners places cos you really want to stick to your diet. If she says there isnt anyone else she wants there, then you do need to go. If you decide not to go at the last minute, that would be very bad. I think at this stage she wont get her money back if you pulled out now, so dont mention that your not going to eat! Just push the food around your plate and hope she doesnt notice! What she doesnt know wont hurt her!!

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