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Wednesday home weigh-in

I've been going to a SW group for months, didn't find it particularly useful as it's a lunch time pop in one where you queue, pay, get weighed, and that's it. If you have any questions you can speak to your consultant but there's no other group discussion / image therapy etc, which made me feel that I really didn't need to pay a fiver to get weighed. So... I've stopped going to groups (and am saving myself 20 quid a month :rolleyes:)

I've decided to have a Wednesday home weigh-in and if you also weigh in at home on a Wednesday, feel free to join :)
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Just weighed myself, 155 pounds! Lost 0.5 pounds! Met one of my mini-goals :D

If I lose 1.5 pounds I'd be 10 stone something! That's my target for next week!!!
Hey there, I'm also doing SW from home as there are no classes near by. I have been doing it for 3 weeks now, lost 4 lbs and then put 1 1/2 back on as it was my wedding anniversary at the weekend. Back to the grind stone now
SnowPatrolGirl and Cazzamamma

well done for your losses! which day do you do your home weigh in?
Stay the same this week. It's time of the month so I'm not too unhappy about it. Hope there will be a loss next week!!
Evening everyone, have lost 4lbs this week although I had a bug at the w'end so was eating less than normal. Although when I was eating I was having toast & jam and a chinese (just to encourage my taste buds lol). Have started going to the gym every tues lunch time (been going for 3 wks now) and there are scales, I am double checking my weight, 152lbs, then 150lbs, now 146lbs whoooooo
Hi I joined sw July 2007 and lost over 2 and half stone then gained it back and more. Now I need to lose 4st 5lb to my personal target. I can't rejoin as I have moved back to home area with my son and I am not in work and poor so I weigh myself on a wednesday.... Today I lost 2lb on my first week and I had a bad day fri and sat and Tuesday soooo not bad!!
well done Cazzamamma! 4 pounds! That's more than what I lose in any month LOL.

Leeanne - if you're doing home weigh-in on Wednesdays, let's make this our group!! :) losing 2 pounds is a good start! I'm in a similar boat, I did low-carb back in 2008, lost 20 pounds before my wedding, but I do love carbs (rice, fruits, bread etc) so I have gained it all back plus abit more. So I'm now doing SW this time, weight loss is not as fast but I hope it's more sustainable. I don't think I can give up carbs for life!!
Yes it can be our group! I can't give up carbs! I love my green days full of chips and pasta!

Just had bacon sarni mmmmm :)

Fish pie for tea tonight!

But more excited for sw pizza tomorrow!!!!
Hi all hope u all had a good week! I went out fri night drinking so sat and sun involved bein hungover and wanting nothin but junk like kfc pizza and White bread and fizzy full sugar drinks! How ever I still lost 2lb! No idea how! But I have! Must be all the soup I'm eatin!

Good luck to u all!
well done with your 2 pounds loss!! what magic soup have you been having?

I fell ill since last Saturday, have been feeling rubbish so SW was the last thing on my mind. There are times all I wanted is warm food so I was eating rice porridge / miso soup with some veg for most of the meals. At the same time, I really wanted chocolate. BUT I lost 1.5 pounds. Hurray. Now weigh 153.5 pounds, at 10 stones 13.5, JUST under 11 stones.

Maybe the occasional naughty things shock our system and aid weight loss?
Sorry to hear u not been well but yey for the loss!!

Well at the moment i'm trying to do a red day then green day and on each day a different soup.
So far had spicy butternut squash with red pepper
Leek onion celery and chicken
Sweet potato carrot and corriander with celery in
Spinach and broccoli with phily cheese

And have noticed I an weeing loads lol but also in the soups it's either speed or super speed food!!!!!

Which is what I thunk has saved me!!!

Can't wait for Friday!!! Sw pizza that I didn't have last week and Saturday sw Chinese omg with duck wraps, chips, chicken chow mein Chinese style curry and sweet and sour prawns omg!!!! Can't waitto get cooking sat and enjoy it!!
the soups you've been having sound tasty! (apart from celery as that's something I don't like :p)

maybe I should have a go too when I feel better! these would be lovely for this cold weather too!
I don't mind celery in soup can't taste it cuz I blend soup till it's smooth cuz I don't like lumps lol and it's a super speed food too :)

Thinking thin thin thin!!!

How long u been poorly :(
since Saturday evening, have been staying home all day on Sunday (what a way to spend my weekend), went to work on Monday morning but decided to go home at lunch time - had to cancel a girls night out arranged ages ago too which is annoying. I have been at home all day yesterday and today, hope to be able to go back to work tomorrow!
Afternoon everyone, sorry dreamaholic to hear you've been unwell.

Weighed myself as normal at the gym yesterday and then again this morning to confirm that I have stayed the same this week. I'm happy enough with that as I have lost 4lbs since joining minimins.

Couldn't find any drive in my legs at the gym yesterday so didnt even go on the cross-trainer. Maybe I should have pushed a bit harder but was worried that my body was trying to tell me something, lol.

Starting to get the hang of slimming world's way of eating and whats free etc. Lifted some nice chicked breasts out of the freezer so gonna see what tasty dish I can make for myself and my 10 month olf daughter ummmmmm
Urgh blew it last night felt crap and drained last night so got kfc

This morning woke with headache aches all over cough n cold n no energy :(

Almost slipped up for the rest of today..but haven't yet
Hope you two are doing well, and the cold is gone! Mine hasn't and it's been 10 days or so already, arghhhh!

Weighed myself this morning, now at 69.4kg / 152.5 pounds / 10 st 12.5 - lost 1 pound!! :)

This may be my last weigh in for a while as I'll be going away and probably not coming back till after Xmas and New Year. Given scales are all different I'm not gonna use those numbers as my weigh in numbers (but I'll probably still weigh every now and then to make sure I don't put too much on!) It's a little early, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And good luck with weight loss!!
Hi I'm much better now! Still bit congested! Been on plan only since Sunday as was feelin so unwell. Munched kfc mc donalds pizza and Chinese on wed thu fri sat.
This week I started to try extra easy so we shall see!

This week I gained half a pound. Not bad really!!!!

Where are u going nice dreamaholic and for such a long time lol

Merry Xmas n new yr too :) speak 2011!!!! For a year of happy slimming!!!! Xx

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