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Wednesday**lets do it hour by hour**


is gonna do it!!
Hi Sarah,

Im back after a 2 1/2 month break, just couldn't get motivated to carry on after xmas. But from somewhere, it just came back last night (the motivation)!!

Also, my little sis is getting married in Aug, so need to get figure back for the lovely bridesmaid dress she has chosen.

So Im up for a race!!! I wanna lose 2 stone by May 10th, as its me b'day and we are going away for the weekend. It should be acheivable, Yes I WILL do it XX

Hope your well, and have u lost much since xmas??


Silver Member
Hi there!!!

So good to see you :) i have lost the same stone twice since xmas, BUT am properly back on track now..

You can do 2 stone by May 10th no trouble..

It's great you're back xx


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Morning gals - I'm feeling a bit blue this morning and its not because of the cold, but am going to try and give it 100% regardless. I have a bit of a quandry - Its my 30th next Thursday & I'm supposed to be going out on the Saturday - and although i have no idea where, i suspect its for a meal and drinks etc - the thing is that i don't really know whether i want to go. If i know i'm going to be breaking the diet, on purpose, so soon into it (esp after my blip last night) it just seems like i'm not giving it my all! (the only person who knows i'm trying ss is my OH - everyone else thinks i'm on slimfast as i didn't want the whole - that diets not safe, you're losing too much weight, you're unsociable conversation with everyone)
I don't really know what to do.......


is gonna do it!!
oh dear, I've been in the same situation many times...and each time I've ended up going out for what ever occasion it is, either xmas, or birthday or whatever. Each time I have regretted it and its hard to get back into the 'zone' after going on a little splurge.
But then again, its your 30th, so, do u really wanna stay in? I know I wouldn't.......


Stubborn tortoise
No advice really Rayven, just plan it and avoid carbs if you can... if you decide to drink, knock yourself out of ketosis first as it's not safe to drink on SS. Good luck, and so sorry about last nights upset, hope you are feeling stronger now.

Anyway, i am in for 100% today, had hot choc for brekky as run out of porridge, & no bars left either - sniff!!! See my CDC for WI later so will stock up and hopefully safeguard against those hungry moments. Just sipping herb tea and hoping I've stayed the same rather than gained... 810 is so much harder for me than SS, putting food back into the picture really complicates things!

Anyway, we can do it... yay us!


Mummy of 2!
morning everyone!

Eve slept all night for the first time in nearly 2 weeks so im feeling much less foggy headed today:D

my tummy is rumbling but im feeling strong. going have my shake soon but didnt want to have it too early like yesterday.

Rayven, i would go for the upset tummy line, therefore you cant eat and only drink water;)
Or, instead of going out to eat have a bit of a party at home instead, invite people round then get some takeaways in. then they are less likely to notice you not eating if there are people milling about.
Or! say that you had your main meal at lunchtime for some reason therefore can only have your ''slimfast'' shake for dinner

i know i shouldnt of, but i weighed myself this morning and am 4lb lighter than yesterday so obviously i've shifted some TOTM water retention. not reading too much into it as i know it fluctuates daily - but it was a nice boost to see its fluctuating it the right direction:D


Stubborn tortoise
Great ideas Amyeve... aw, I remember the days when kids were babies and unbroken nights were nothing short of a miracle!!!

Rayven, could you do a party at home, a buffet where you can choose a green & white meal and others can pick high-fat options? You'd also be able to drink fizzy water all night & nobody would really know?
Morning everyone

I'm glugging away, had 2 Mugs of black tea, 750ml bottle of water and my shake......feel really good this morning !



Addicted to Minimins!
When is your weigh in Rayven?
Well i have been weighing in on a Saturday but my new CDC has her meets on a Monday so it'll be changing from this Monday.
Thanks for all the ideas and support - the upset tummy line might work - at least no one will expect me to eat if they think i've been up all night on the loo! lol
morning everyone:)

Rayven, have you spoken to your cdc about it? I am not sure if I will be at goal for my next planned night out 27th May, but she told me I would need to up the levels for at least a week so allow my body to ajust

BUT then I have had a few meals, I stick to low carb:copon: I know but sometimes life can;t go on hold to much! This is what worked for me, I have turned down so many nights out drinking ect, but I have a planned night out next Tues so I am with you, low carb NO drink, but it is your 30th so I do think talk to your cdc, or maybe put a message on here for a cdc for advice?

Me day 4 now, going strong, in the k big time as went to bed at 11pm and woke at 6am bright as a button:D And the thing is I didn't have to get up:rolleyes:
Struggling a bit today...the cake I baked for the kids is calling my name LOL.I've had a cup of tea and 500mls of water so far,on my second tea( I have it really weak) and considering having my shake now.


Stubborn tortoise
Hang on in there Rose, no cake for us!!!! Unless it's a CD microwave muffin... sigh!!!!
Katycakes-I never liked the packs as muffins.I looove the savoury ones as crisps though.But for now I'm sticking to soups and shakes and will keep the crisps option in reserve for when I get sick of liquids.


Stubborn tortoise
I am a real oddball cos we don't even have a microwave... did consider trying to dry the packs out in oven, but decided to stick to them as hot drinks... I hate them cold. I wouldn't survive without the bars & porridge though, & have run out of both... CDC has been on hols... so getting more supplies today at weigh in. Not expecting anything from weigh in, as running out of stuff has meant a few wobbles... I am on the 810 step, but it's been a bit more than that lately I suspect!!!
One shale, two coffee's, 3 glasses of water down and now about to have my second shake.:0) x


Stubborn tortoise
Just finishing another huge mug of herb tea, then time for another hot choc shake before weigh in... SCARY!!!

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