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Wednesday Weigh-Ins...

I couldn't see another Wednesday thread, so I thought I'd get stuck in there!

Good luck everyone. Me, I have NO idea what will happen. After that beer at weekend, it could be a serious gain, but I've been pretty good the rest of the week, so I'm hoping I've done enough to at least have a small loss. Maintain would do!
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I see the light!
soon going for my WI not sure this week, had a good loss last week. Been really quite good, but feeling bloated and crap really, so we'll see in about an hour.

Good luck wednesday weighers



I will succeed!!!
Good luck to all Wednesday Weighers! Well done to those who lose or STS and hugs to those who gain or STS (depending on if STS is good or not lol). I hope you all have a good day and a good week ahead xxx
Good luck everyone weighing today!!!

Good luck everyone, got to wait until this evening for my WI argggggggg I hate Wednesdays in some ways. I'm hoping for at least a 1lb loss to get my half stone, anything else is a bonus but if I STS I'm not worried as I know whrere I went wrong and will correct it next week even though I've been extremely good since the bad night
Certainly will! Although I've just had a massive portion of leftovers from last night for my lunch, and it is very 'heavy' food (I'd usually have something light, like a ham salad, on WI day) so here's hoping that having 3lbs of chickpeas in my tummy doesn't affect my result! LOL!
afternoon people, been to weigh in this morning
managed to loose 1.5 lb this week
happy with that
Wow, 6.5lbs! and 1.5 lbs, what brilliant losses.

had a bit of a heavy lunch (darn it!)
i weigh in at half 6, i was super gutted after last week so really don't know what will happen this week. iv been good but i was so good last week was it really enough?

:( let you all know.. x
wowzers 6.5lb :O what did you do? have u got a food diary i can copy?! Good luck to everyone else, sure you'll all do fab x
Sorry. Don't have a food diary, but I think there are three main things that helped that 6.5lbs loss.
1) It was the end of * week for me
2) I stuck to my healthy extras and under 15 syns everyday
3) I did 30 mins of exercise on my new Wii Fit Plus everyday, which I hadn't done in previous weeks

I'm gunna do everything I did this week and see if I get the same results. :D
Ive got my WI at 7pm tonight, feeling quite anxious about it. I dont think ive lost.... if anything probably gained, the tub of Ben and Jerrys I ate on Friday night is my reason why, lol. Shall update when im home. Its my own silly fault if I have gained.

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