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Weeeee, I got a Wii Fit - but.....

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and got through it with ease. :)

I just wondered, I was given a Wii Fit set up, but I a Technically challenged...

ANy tips from anyone - is it easy to use? Have you found it effective, and can you really get a good work out, etc?

ANy tips and advice mucho appreciated!

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Its not that hard Jan.....You will be fine!! Just enjoy!!


Gotta Make A Change
setting it up is easy
some workouts are fun ie hulla hoop and walking the tightrope :D and running
i will give biggest loser a whirl soon :D but wii fit is fun and plenty of other games out there to use the balance board with :D
its fine on carpet BL, I dont think the scales are totally accurate but they do show the 'overall trend'

I havent used mine for ages am expecting it to say "where the hell have you been, i thought you were dead !!" when i next turn it on !!


Gotta Make A Change
yeah the wii fit when you dont use it for a period of time i went 214 days without using it, went on 2 days back its such fun especially the free jogging which is pretty cool
I love my Wii and the balance board. I have just got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas so looking forward to trying that out.

I find it works fine on carpet and often find the scales approx 3-4 lighter than at LL.

Have fun!

Kat xx
I just got one for christmas it looks really good and fun!
i hope it will help :] i only had a chance to play it for about 5 mins..but i'm hoping once theres enough space i'll get it all set up..the wii fit plus is also good! and i heard just dance is good aswell! good luck xx


Lovin it !!! :)
I'm getting the Just Dance @pay day - have heard it is brilliant - I love my wii fit & fit plus - the majorette & boxing & step are my favourite -it is a bit addictive though as I constantly want to "have another go" to see if I can get a better score lol
I'm also thinking of getting a Wii. We went to friends over Christmas and had such a laugh playing with their Wii. Do you really think its worth getting one? If it helps with loosing some extra inches I'm in!

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