Week 1-3 on Cambridge

Hi guys!

My first post
I started the Cambridge diet on the 18th Mach, 2013.
Start weight was 15st 13lbs and height is 5ft 9 so I was put on sole source 4 packets a day and plenty water.
I've always been big and never usually bothered, I was a size 14 when I went into high school at the age of 12 but I was also near enough the same height I am now so I pulled it off well. Over the 5 years of high school I gained a dress size to a 16 and now I'm 21 and a size 18. So in 10 years I have gained 2 dress sizes (not sure on weight)
I have a strong sense of humor and never saw anything bad looking back at me in the mirror, in fact I've always said I may not be blessed with fantastic looks but I'm lucky to have what I have.
I wouldn't even say I have bad eating habits, I love my fruit and veg and was always taught to eat my fatty foods in moderation. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and I was always referred to as 'the chunky one'
My mum didn't realize that it hurt me when she would make comments about what clothes I should buy because my 'big body' wouldnt look nice in certain dresses. I knew where she was coming from but it always seemed to crop up in conversation, I just laughed it off.
I guess what made me decide to change was the way I react to photos, when I go out what I see in the mirror never ever reflects what I see in photographs, they make me cringe!
I'm one of the chunkiest in my social group, and it shows.
I want to prove to everyone and to myself that I can stick to something, my willpower IS strong when I want it to be, and I can be slimmer.
I'm not unrealistic, a size 14 and a solid 13st would suit me fantastic, just being able to walk into a store and not have to rumage through clothes just to find they dont supply my size would be amazing!

Anyway, back to the diet.
I have sworn to myself I will update this as much as possible with pictures and with information on how I'm feeling and how things are going.

So I'm currently on week 3, my weigh ins are on a Monday night.

1st weigh in (25th March) - 9lbs loss
I'll be honest, I hammered the water this week. I found it easy one day and hard the next, but what I did stick to was the water. 3-4 litres a day, I'm guessing this is what helped as on day 5 I cracked and had some rice, bad choice and I felt guilty and ill afterwards so I would not recommend.
Weight: 15st 4lbs

2nd weigh in (1st April) - 1lb
I was gutted, but again I had cheated. One day this week my mum took me out shopping which was supposed to be an hour and went from being an hour to the entire day! I didnt bring any sachets with me and held out as long as I could and just drank water but felt so weak and with my mum pestering me constantly (i swear she disapproves of me dieting) i caved in to a small chicken salad.
I didn't understand the whole 'ketosis' thing at this point, I didn't even know it existed. My councellor never mentioned it so I was under the impression it was just a low calorie diet and as long as you stay under 400cals a day I couldn't see how I would put on weight ... I didnt drink as much water this week either so to be honest 1lb loss isn't such a shock.
Weight: 15st 3lbs

I'm half way through my 3rd week now and awaiting a weigh in on Monday, no one has commented yet on me looking any different and not got much support so puts a downer on things. I only just read up on the ketosis thing too so now I know that anything else to pass your lips is a giant no no. I AM determined and hope to be pleasantly surprised with this weeks weigh in but after last weeks disappointment I'm on edge. Also my councellor seems very off with me! I didnt tell her I cheated a little but she scares me so I'll keep it at that.
Ordered some ketone test strips and from now on its strict SS.

Wish me luck!
P.S. anyone who wants to be buddies in this diet let me know, I could do with some extra support to kick start this off and I'm good at supporting others.
Any tips or anything please let me know!
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Just had my 3rd weigh in today and lost another 5lbs!
Weight is now 14st 12lbs

I haven't lost much at all in inches though?
Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Just had my 3rd weigh in today and lost another 5lbs!
Weight is now 14st 12lbs

I haven't lost much at all in inches though?
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Well done on your 5lb. Keep at it and the inches will come off in time, I'm on week 8 and have about another 2 stone to go.

Keep up the good work and you will soon reach your goal :)


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Well done ninja!! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished in 3 weeks and its all down to your hard work.

When it comes to other people and Cambridge, I just don't think they understand. You are doing this for you. No one else can do it for you. So when are ppl are being negative about what your doing, be strong. You're the one that will have the last laugh!!!



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Oh and have you thought about changing CWP counsellors?! Your counsellor should be supportive, not judgemental and should have explained that you can still be in ketosis even if you have a protein meal like chicken salad. Did you get given a CWP book? Look up sole source plus.

My counsellor is amazing, and I can text or email her when I'm having a bad day!


sarah-louise x

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Welcome :)

I am currently on my 2nd week, had my first weigh in last night as I too weigh on a Monday night, and I lost 5lb but thats on 810 plan as I had a difficult first week with migraines. I am now doing SS+, having 3 shakes, 1 bar and lots of water!! Im hopeful of a good week and a good loss on Monday :)

I agree with Lucy, people who dont understand CD just dont get it!! For this reason I havent really told anyone im on it, only my closest 3 friends and my eldest as he obviously knows im not eating food lol.

Inches will come off!! Just stick with it and all of a sudden, ul see it :) Your doing great so far, just keep going!!

Sarah x

sarah-louise x

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S: 16st13lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Im shocked your consultant didnt talk to you about ketosis!! That is a major part of this plan when following SS and SS+ so she really should of explained it all to you, given you the information you needed, answered any questions you have and been much more supportive!! Its a good job you have us :grouphugg:

Maybe it is a good idea to try and find a better consultant if you can, as a good one is worth her weight in gold during this plan!! x


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I'm on week 2 of ss and I dont get weighed untill Thursday! I'm a serial weigher but -9lbs so far!! Hating always being cold and was wondering g what's an average weight loss in ur first week


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Hello Ninja and all

I'm new here too, I am on day 1 of SS+... Eeeek

It's been ok so far today, I have had 2 shakes so far (cappuccino and chocolate, both were ok) and I plan to have a porridge at dinner so I can eat with the kids and then a hot chocolate later when I get a little hungry (evenings are my downfall . Drinking water is going to be tough for me as I have never been a big drinker... I am having the 200 ml of skimmed milk a day so am currently having Redbush vanilla tea with 1 sweetener (impressed as I usually have 1 sugar or 2 sweetners - hoping to have no sweetener in the next few days). Struggling a little today as its my worst day of my monthly visit... keep thinking if I can get through this while its that 'lovely' time of the month then i will get through anything! :8855:

My weigh in is on a monday nights too :scale:

Did not want to tell my bf I was doing this but last night I confessed and I'm happy to say that he is going to support me however I have some family members who won't so won't tell them yet. I'm also shocked that your CDC did not tell you about ketosis as I thought that was the whole point of SS / SS+.

I'm worried about day 5 (sat) as apparently thats going to be the toughest and i'm on my 1st 12 hours shift after 2 weeks annual leave. CDC suggested making sure I have some protein like chicken with me incase I get light headed and need food... so hoping it won't come to that!

So glad everyone here seems so friendly, would offer to be a buddy but I reckon I won't be able to post as often as I may need to as a buddy as I have shifts all over the show and away on some weekends...

Carine x


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You are doing great !Keep up the good work! Im also half way through week 3! xx