Week 1 RESULT!!


What a fantastic first week you've had - the result well worth the effort.

Have a good week...
ooooo thats a brill first week weight loss
and what a motivation to keep going

Wooooo ! thats fab :)
Sounds like you really have the right frame of mind to tackle the oncoming weeks. Well Done you !
congrats ....my fist weigh in tomorrow susan
Over the moon :D I've lost 11lbs this first week! It's been a psychological struggle - lots of temptation/hunger pangs - but right now it feels worth it. I've stocked up on lots of soups to keep me going, thay seem to be the only thing that actually makes me feel full up. Starting this 2nd week in a really positive frame of mind - long may it last! :)

Well done NotaDrop !! 11lbs is a really fantastic start :D
Wow! That's fantastic!! Well done!! The toughest part is over. Great motivation for week 2!