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Week 1 weigh in!

Ok, I have decided to keep to my Monday weigh in as I weigh at home every day (yes I know!!). In a couple of weeks time I will be buying my LT in the UK and hopefully get the last few weeks there so I wont have a phamacy weigh-in then anyway! The other factor is that with placement I cant guarentee I can get to the pharmacy any particular day of the week and as we do 12 hour shifts they will be shut when we start and finish!

My scales are decent ones so Im happy to continue on with them.

SO week 1 (yesterday) was 5.5lb........... not brilliant but in the right direction..

Plus we have torrential rain and wind right now so the snow has gone and Im about to leave for the pharmacy to get supplies... What a difference a day makes in this wierd weather!
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Theresa!
I have been waiting for you to post.....

It is brilliant and yes, in the right direction!

So,you are on the Monday WI now too :)

Have a great night and you are doing well considering all the obstacles being thrown in your way!


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done Theresa!!!!

thats a great loss!! Bet you are chuffed :) xxx


on the up lol
well done :)
Thanks Iris,

got to the pharmacy to get my weeks supply and was told they are not sure I am committed and that maybe I should stop as Im just in my healthy range, also cos I cant commit to a specific weigh in every week... etc etc

Anyway, got this weeks supply and will be making the best of it from now on especially as I got a phone call when I got out saying mums sale has fallen thru...... She is gutted as you can imagine. Her buyer is still interested but his buyer seems to have been unable to secure some of his monies.... It all seems a bit wierd at the mo as mum was put on standby to move in the early part of December. I went over and cleared her house so that all we had to worry about was small personal effects. We ensured all her big household furniture went to good homes as she has a house here that is nearly completely furnished.. We even had her 14yo dog put to sleep as his health meant he couldnt have taken the journey from Kent to Cork in a car...

Anyway, lets hope theres no more bad news eh!

Cant believe my poor mum is in a house with just her bed, a sofa, tv, and 10 boxes of personal effects -oh and her cat... Plus she just retired for the 2nd time .... arghhh


I will be skinny again!!!
Wow your poor mum!

Hope she is ok..

OMG Why do they pharmacy not think you are commited?? WTH???
Can't believe the pharmacy - that's outrageous! I'd like to see just how many of them have actually tried doing this, just for a week....now that's commitment!
Well done on the weight loss!


Silver Member
well done on the loss, thats great and especially with everything else goin on ! ! hope it all works out for u :) and best of luck this week on LT :)
Apparently my BMI is now in healthy range, well yes it is but Im not happy with it... BMI isnt the be all and end all. Anyway when they checked my records they saw that my original goal weight was 9st 5lb and still within the healthy BMI.... I think Im going to go on Saturday and keep my pharmacy weigh in to Saturday, unless the weather gets bad again I should be able to make every Saturday. I now wont be going to the UK in 2 weeks to buy cheap supplies there so I need to get to goal ASAP and maintain!! 20lbs needs to come off quick!
well done you goodlosskeep it going xx

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