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Week 1 weigh in :)


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Kik well done on your first weeks loss.

Can you tell me how much it is a week on LLL and is there any criterea for lite on the amount of weight you have to lose?


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Thanks Westie !
Cost is £52.50 a week. I was not made aware of any limits on amount of weight restrictions or amount to lose however I was told your BMI had to be less then 30 to do the lite. Mine wasnt but my cnclr bent the rules as I had prev done LL.
Im enjoying the lite - just has the most amazing dinner:D
Thanks Kik

It is still quite expensive. Once I have used up my stockpile and got my holiday over I will make enqs with my LL lady.

Thanks again x


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Posting on here but not sure if there are amny LLLiters on here???? maybe I should start a diary...........
Anyway lost 2lbs this week - quite happy but need to focus this week on my water & not nibbling litte bits of cheese:D

Anyone else doing lite at the moment ?
I've been doing lite for about ten weeks now and have lost 18lbs. Feeling really good and people are making lots of nice comments.

However, I go on holiday next Tuesday for two weeks - all inclusive in Turkey. I won't be doing Lite then, but hope to use their gym and swim every day, so hopefully the damage won't be too much :)


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Well done Kathy for losing 18lbs - youre going to look fab on your holiday:D

Im sure you will do fine loads of salads with that wine hehehehehehehe........
Hi Kik,

Sounds like you are going well on lite. Please share what you are eating, I am going to post all my meals for inspiration!
Hi I'm on lighterlife lite, day 3. Doesn't seem to be many people doing this on here?

I went to the supermarket earlier and near the till were boxes of chocolate truffles heavily reduced and I am proud to say that I glanced at them and then WALKED ON BY! yay! Normally I would have bought the lot!

Drinking lots of water is a pain but at home I've added the flavoured powders and they make it more palatable.

I have my next meeting next wednesday so am looking forward to seeing a loss as already my wobbly tummy isn't wobbling so much!

Please carry on posting on here as I enjoy reading how other lighterlife liters are getting on.

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