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Week 1 weigh in..


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I only lost 6lbs - everyone else seems to have had bigger losses! I'm drinking 2.5 - 3.5 litres a day so can't understand why I haven't lost very much compared to some on here.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I've lost it but still a little disappointed.
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6lb is great, congratulations :D


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Yes, I really cut down on carbs before I started but I didn't weigh myself on the day I started cutting down IYSWIM. So if you cut down on carbs before you start SS, the weight loss is likely to be less than others who don't - is that right?
Karen, just wanted to say well done! I dont really know the answer to whether cutting down on carbs before ss could have made it more, maybe someone else can help. I just wanted to say, dont beat yourself up about it. Thats a great loss, and you are definitely on target for being above the average stone a month!
Hi Karen

I lost 6lb in my first week and was a little disappointed too, but I've just had my 3rd weigh in and the total loss to date is 15lb, I couldn't have achieved that on any other diet. Did your CDC measure you as well, if so have you lost inches I lost an inch each of my bust, hips and waist in my first week.

Stick with it hun.


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Hi all - thanks for your words of encouragement. I don't feel so bad now after reading what Dancing said - I really did cut most carbs out so I guess I'll be happy with my 6lbs of fat lost :D

My CDC did measure me on my joining day but she didn't measure me today - I guess she must wait a few weeks before measuring or something. I can definitely feel a difference already as my 'fat' work trousers (ie the only pair that fit me at the moment) are getting looser :party0011:
6lbs is a wonderful loss hun we're all different and lose weight differently so don't be disheartened it's still a lot morethan you would lose on another diet!!! You should be proud of your efforts you've done brilliantly!!!!!!

Lil K

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Hi Karen

6lb is a great start, especially as you had been reducing carbs beforehand. Stick at it because, believe me, the weight will just melt away quicker than you know it if you do.

Hope you have a good second week - keep reading and posting on MiniMins to help get you through it, it's such a great place to be xx
Well done 6lbs is a really good loss.

The other thing is that lots of people who have big weight losses in the first week have longer journeys to make!
We are all different and you should be really happy with what you have achieved


Hi Karen,
Your losses are the same as mine. If you look at my signature I lost 10lbs in my 'prep-week' by cutting out carbs then on my 1st official weigh-in a week after starting CD I lost 6lbs.

Well done on your 6lbs off!!!!


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Congratulations on your loss hun!!! That truly is awesome...and just think you are now 6llb nearer to reaching that target!!!! Bloody brilliant and well done you!!! :D

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