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Were you dieting before you started LT?
4lb is still a good loss
this was the 1st week on this diet and I haven't been on a diet for over 3 years and the weight has piled on. Looking at other peoples results I was expecting at least 8lbs especially as I had been so good.
I think that that ios one problem with lipotrim amd also compairing losses with others on the forum.. expectations can be way too high... losses can be affected by time of the month, what you were eating before.. any type of illness etc. then so many people come on and expect to lose so much in the first week... If you look at it the other way.. gaining four pounds in a week before the diet would be hard enough unless eating all round you.... 4lbs is alot to loose on any diet.. if you loose 4lbs every weeks then you are above the loss that lipotrim promises... 1stone per month... very few people do not manage one stone per month unless breaking the diet or health problems etc.. it wont all come off in one week, and expectations on the miracle stone in a week loss arent realistic.. the first week it is all water and glycogens also... its the fat we want to loose... between 3-4 lbs a week for an over all loss of one stone per month.. good luck with the rest of your lipotrim journey x


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Oh Dear - sorry you're disappointed. 4 lbs is not to be sniffed at but I know what you mean. Hope you're not too disheartened, you may find next week is better, there's all kinds of reasons why one week can be disappointing. Stick at it won't you?!!



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Sorry if this is to personal but if you are either just about to come on/on/or have just come off your period that may be the reason women tend to report no or little weightloss at these times. Im sure you next weigh in will be better just stick with it and at least the scales are moving in the right direction I know its disheartening at times but a loss is a loss so cheer up and keep up the hard work xxx
you should be pleases, we all loose it differently so dont get disheartened if you dont loose as much as somebody else

stick with it its well worth it


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all of our first losses are water and glycogen stores... it may be that your body didnt have as much stored due to foods you ate :)

4lb is great!!! and aslong as you consistantly lose that a week your flying :D
listen dont worry about it. i had my first weigh in today as well and lost 5lbs..its all going the right way..think of it like that and its 4lbs that yourll never see again :)
4lbs is a great loss and its all heading in the right direction. This site has its good points and its bad. Some people lose more weight than others and I think it gives us all high expectations then to think we can all be like them, everyones body is different but I can understand you are down and disappointed. Dont let it get ya down and look forward to the next week. It would be worse if ya put the weight on.


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4lbs is a fantatic loss hunni

its 4lbs that you dont have to carry round any more, and its 4lbs off in th right direction!!

hang in their and you may be pelasantly surprised...

try reducing your water a little, as you may be retaining alot...

so maybe have 3 instead of 4...

and it can depend how much you have drank that day before you get weighed also...

loads of things...

maybe measure yourself as well so you can measure inches...

the scales arent always right

love an hugs xxxxx

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