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Week 1 weigh in


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7 1/2 lbs down! woohoo :p
delighted with that - and going to try and stop obesessively weighing myself about a million times a day this week!
I asked about flapjacks but wasn't allowed to have them until week 3, tho the pharmacist said they taste like a mixture of mdf and stale oats so she didn't exactly sell them to me anyway!
Such a relief to have week one done and dusted :character00100:
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A little of everything!
Didn't I tell you! LOL! You beat my first week!! Well done!
I'm going to have to take my own advice this week- I have little/no loss showing so far this week on MY scales, I have 1 1/2 full days before my weigh-in Friday morning so I have to focus & stay positive this time!!!


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yeah, you were so right. I weighed myself first thing this morning and was up - again - to 12 st 10 but at the chemist back down to 12 st 7 (and a half), thankfully!
After my mid-week panic I did start crazily chugging the water so maybe that helped? I'll definitely be making sure I keep drinking plenty this week.
I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised on Friday, it's just disheartening when you're so close to weigh in and the scales are taunting you isn't it! I was so nervous going to get weighed today!


A little of everything!
I know- I had the sweats the first week thinking the pharmacist was going to look sternly at me and go 'you didn't do it 100% did you?' when their scales showed no loss!!! LOL! Thank God they did! The only thing is- my scales showed a bigger loss than theirs last week, so I'm really cra**ing myself this week!!
I'm averaging 10pints or so a day (including tea) so hopefully that'll help? Doing all right so far today- 100% no nibbling, lots of water and 2 'meals' to go!


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10 pints! you're going to need to grow a hump to store all that water :)
Well that's got to be doing the trick. Just read your chickstick thread...don't dwell on it hun, there are worse crimes :)
You have one and a half days to repent so I'm sure you'll be fine.
And - I know this is easier said than done - but we do need to remember the bigger picture. I was drumming this into myself in case weigh in didn't go well :) But even if it hadn't, it is just one week out of many.
So if you have a smaller loss on Friday don't let it undo the work you've put in, they will all even out in the end :)


Here we go again!
Well done dd! Over half a stone in your first week. That's great and should spur you on for week 2. Keep up the good work, you are doing great!


A little of everything!
10 pints! you're going to need to grow a hump to store all that water :)
I'm never more than 20 steps from a toilet! PMSL!!!
I was 12st even last night before I went to bed, and 12st 1lb this morning when I got up (after the loo) so I know the scales are fickle! But I was 12st 1lb last Friday morning before my 'official' weigh-in- thats why I'm nervous!!
Just had word from LT that we shouldn't be putting black pepper on our soup as it could hinder our loss? I can't see it having that bad an effect, but apparently its a 'berry'- therefore forbidden! Am undecided whether to chance it anyway as so many others are using it?...


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Thanks Bev!
Yeah i'm really pleased and definitely determined to stay focussed and shift a few more lbs of fat next week!


Here we go again!
I think it's the weigh ins that keep us all going. It's definitely not the lovely flavours and variety that keeps us going!
Well done with your huge successful weightloss on week 1. I am off to chemist tomorrow for my first weigh in. Fingers, toes and everthing crossed. Hope i do as well as you.


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Well done dd! Fantastic - that'll spur you on!

Good Luck chukki - look forward to seeing how you get on!

Re pepper ...... OOOOOOOPS!!!!!!! It was recommended on here with paprika to make the soup a it more palatable & I've been putting lashings of both in ever since! I only have it 3 or at the most 4 times a week though ..... ?


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Dont ya just love this diet??? Fab loss hun! Well done you and roll on next weigh in!


Slowly but surely!
What a great first week :) Good luck with week 2 x


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just wanted to say..re the black pepper. i used it through lt last time and it make one bit of difference to the weight loss..i managed good ones all the way through

h xx

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