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Week 1 WI

Morning to you all,

I had my week 1 WI yesterday and I lost 8 lb. It's nice but a little bit disappointed. I weighted myself at home on Thursday and I was sure I lost around 11-12lb. :cry:
Nevermind, I put my home scale in the bin and I will not be able to weight myself anymore at home :), so it's good news.
I am now 201 lb which is brilliant. I wore a size 16 trousers from peacocks yesterday and I felt like a million dollar (mind you my size 16 jeans from River Island still too tight :eek: so thats for sizes). I haven't been able to wore those jeans for 6 years so a few more weeks will not drive me to my grave :D.
Anyway I been feeling great the last few days, no hunger, no tiedness and I definetly do not feel weak. BUT
I have a few tiny problem:
- I am on the Implant and haven't had a TOTM over a year, now I having really bad cramps and I also have spotting. Pharmacy was not any help as the lady did not know anything about the connection between LT and spotting. LT helpline said it's a rare occurance but as I read the past threads it's happening to quiet a lot of us.
- I am really getting sick (literally) from the smell and taste in my mouth and doesn't matter how many time I brush my teeth it's still there so I am getting the Listerine strips from the Ebay.BUT until it arrives is there any remedy for it ?(other than drinking lots of water which I already do over 4 liters)

So Thank you again for the support during the past week. Please keep posting so us 'newbies ' stay motivated and also better informed.
Good luck to everyone having WI today and don't give up!
xxx :family2:
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8lbs is BRILLIANT!! Please get that disappointment out of your mind, you've made a wonderful start to your LT journey and your success can and will continue by following the diet 100% :)

This is why we shouldn't weigh in between official weigh ins sadly, as it can lead to disappointment. BUT, rest assured you've done great!

As for the mouth nastiness, i have a little bottle of mouthwash with me all the time which does help. brushing your tongue well when you do your teeth also helps, and don't forget to keep flossing too.

Glad to hear you feel really good and that clothes are feeling better. Sizing difference between shops are a real pain aren't they?!

Best of luck for week 2 :) you will do fine if you keep on as you are.


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done on your loss!!! Keep it up, im loving your postive attitude!!

Speak to summergurl about period and the implant and LT lol!!

And as for the breath, I carried a toothbrush and mouthwash with me lol!!


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HI Single

8lbs is brill girl! So, now you realise and know not to weigh yourself. I think I mentioned that the other day to you. Glad you have binned them..but rest assured that is a great loss for Wk 1.

Re: the bad breath..I had that for the first few weeks, but must confess since then it has been fine, but I too carry mouthwash around, just incase I feel any embarrasment if I do get bad breath. The drinking your water and brushing tongue/teeth will help, but it does get better. Well, it did for me.

Hang in there and all these little things will iron themselves out!

Again, well done on that week 1 loss and keep yourself positive and looking forward. YOu will be at your stone loss in no time at all!

tAke care


Positivity is the key
well done on a great first week, hope it is easier now cooking for the small ones! The bad breath will go after a few weeks as Scotsmist says, although I do get it once I have eaten a flapjack or had a shake, but only then.
As you have said there are a lot on here who have suffered complications with TOTM, hopefully it won't get too bad for you, have a look around the site and glean advice from them.
Wishing you all the best for the coming week.
Thanks for all the replies, great to have all this support. Still problems with TOTM and getting worse with constant cramps. Otherwise I am ok. Bad breath is somewhat curbed as I am constantly brushing my teeth but still annoying. I always thought losing weight will not be easy but as the pounds droping off steadily I told myself : Say thanks that you are single so nobody nagging you about your breath. Lol.
Thanks again for the replies and take care.


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Hi Hunni, congratulations on loosing 8lbs!! you lost over half a stone in a week that is fabulous!!

And it must feel great getting into clothes that you have not been able to wear for years!!

Keep going!!



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8lbs is AMAZING!!! Keep us the good work and remember the first week you can lose a lot of fluid, so it depends on how much fluid you were retaining. Remember everyone is different and aslong as you follow the programme all you do is lose - which cant be bad eh?
a fabby fab well done. 8lbs is great!

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