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week 1 WI


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A 1/2lb loss is pretty great considering you've dramatically increased what you're eating. Well done! Stick to the plan and you'll continue to lose steadily. Don't expect Cambridge type losses though, I'm sure you don't but it's a good idea to switch your mindset and expectations from CD to SW. Good luck!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I agree - better off than on - sure next week will make you smile :D
Good luck


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Do you think that people who havent tried losing weight for a long while have a better loss rather than people that diet regularly. I mean your body gets used to not eating a lot and hangs on to calories a bit more.


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Well, I must confess, I have been naughty today, and am way over my syns. Not good. Back on track 100% tomorrow, lots of body magic, and cut down on my syns for a few days. And fingers and toes crossed.


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you've done really well to have had a loss switching from CD to SW, as soon as you started eating carb on sw you would have re-stocked your glycogen stores along with about 4lb of water which glycogen holds. well done and i'm sure you'll see a great loss next week x

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