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Week 10 - dropping bar and water flavouring

I am on week 10, and am starting to plateu, whereas I lost 2 stone in the first 8 weeks, I have only lost 2/3 lbs overall in the last 2 weeks. The CDC advises that I need to 'do something different', possibly increasing to 810 from SS, but I am reluctant as I am worred the losses will slow down further - I am thinking of dropping the bar and the water flavourings instead for a week and see what happens - what do you think?
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Hi Staffdieter. Can I ask, have you been 100%? Don't mean to doubt you, but with this diet even the most minor blip can cause poor losses because of the water weight that can go back on.

If you have, and still aren't seeing losses, then I would simply say keep going. I know it can be demotivating when the scales don't move much, but they will eventually. It's impossible not to lose on this diet.

Do you exercise? Some people find they have slower losses if they do. How much water do you have? Are you sticking to one bar a day? 2 stone is fantastic by the way! You must be very proud of that.


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What about doing your 810 week early then getting back on SS? or hows your BMI? maybe you need to move up? Im doing my 810 week on week 10 but just 'cause it suits me as we're away in the caravan for a weekend.
Yes I have been on 100% with no slips. I have been exercising most days, say a 2 mile walk or a half an hour swim. I will take your advice and just keep going for now. I am proud of the 2 stone, however I feel I am in no mans land at the moment because I still have 2 stone more to loose.
Aww, it is disappointing, but you've done 2 stone, you can do another 2! Do you feel better? More toned and what about inches?
It's depressing, but you'll probably have a massive 7lb loss coming up.
Hi Liz, I hope you are right about the big loss waiting for me!, I am feeling so much better without the 2 stone. I have been reflecting on why I am in a hurry to loose the other 2 stone and have worked out there are two main reasons- the first is so that I can go out for meals with my other half - the second is that I want to be able to sort out my wardrobe and buy some new clothes - if I can get my head round these and come up with some solutions, maybe I can be more patient


Keep on trying
staff dieter I have a lot to lose, and wanted to get a date in my head when I would be "done" with the dieting, but my CDC advised against this - she was very good and asked me when I was last the weight I wanted to be - and I told her it was 20 years ago - she then explained that as the weight had gone on in the last 20 years why did I expect it to come off in 6 months.... valid point... slowly slowly catchy monkey.... well done on the 2 stone its amazing and you are half way there.

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