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WEEK 10 WI .... !!!!!!!!!!! :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Have just got back from my week 10 weigh in and I honestly cant believe it! I expected to lose only 2lbs ish as i havnt been as good as usual regarding my water intake - a couple of days its been only 2-3ltrs buuuuttttt i have lost 5lbs this week!!!!!!!!!

This now takes me into the 15stones - which i cannot remember the last time i was in this bracket.

Also means i have now been in 4 different stone barriers in 10 weeks (started in 19s now in 15s) annnddd

gives me a total loss of 3stone 7lbs in 10 weeks!!!!!!!! Get in!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Well done, I bet you were well chuffed. You are doing brilliantly. I never ever drank 5 litres of water, the most I ever had was 3.5 and I was averaging 4lbs per week.

Way to go summer, congratulations.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Thanks kred!! :D I dont ever do 5ltrs either but am usually around 4-4.5 so thats why i thought oh small loss this week but hey i was surprised! hehe :D x


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Well done hun! Your losses are so consistent! You have to be REALLY feeling the difference by now! You are one person on here that I have NO doubt will reach your target in style! Good on ya!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
haha thanks sara :)
Its losses like this that makes me have that little bit of hope i can get to the 13st mark in another 10 weeks ... :)
Fantastic !!!!!!!!!

Wow well done you. You are an inspiration to me. I have about four stone to loose and I hope I have your determination and committment. You must see a huge difference now in your clothes and energy levels. even with a stone down I feel more willing to try things with the kids that before I would have backed off :talk017:


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Yeah I feel a big difference but can only see it slightly - although others say it is now very noticable - but hey ho aslong as its coming off its all gravy! lol

Also, for the first time in years yesterdayy i actually crossed my legs like a woman!!!!!!!!!!! My bf thought i was so silly for be stoked about this but this is quite a big thing as i was so big before i couldnt even sit cross legged.

And yeah - energy wise i feel great!!! Can walk without getting out of breath - it really is a great feeling! lol :)


Slowly but surely!
Well done hun thats great :) I know what you mean about crossing your legs people think im a freak as I do it all the time now but when you havent been able to for 10 years its a great feeling lol x


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haha isnt it just mummyem :) x
That is amazing!! three and half stone in 10 weeks! My word -GO YOU!!!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
aw thanks guys :) :)

sarah - am sure you can do it keep yer head down and stick to it and you will be there in no time :)


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Also, for the first time in years yesterdayy i actually crossed my legs like a woman!!!!!!!!!!! My bf thought i was so silly for be stoked about this but this is quite a big thing as i was so big before i couldnt even sit cross legged.
OMG that's what I noticed this weekend too!!! I can cross my legs comfortably and I can paint my toenails without having breathing difficulties. It's amazing the little things that were a pain up the arse to do before suddenly become possible and make your day.

Well done on your 5lb loss, that's amazing.


One last chance
Flippen heck!! that's amazing babe!

Give yourself a pat on the back! :hug99:


Here we go again!
Well done you! 5lbs is great! You must be so chuffed.

Keep up the good work cos it's working wonders.

Great to be able to cross your legs isn't it? I feel more feminine just being able to do that. I also could feel my shoulders properly this weekend. Sounds daft but there's no fat on them now and they feel really hard. Good I suppose.

Enjoy the rest of your day, you're doing brilliantly! We will get there!
well done summergirl...... you must be so proud of yourself, what an achievement.
I'm still on first week with 1st weigh in tomorrow along with my step daughter. I CAN'T WAIT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have stuck to diet 100% and never thought i could do it, but thanks to you and the other ladies on here who have spurred me on I've almost done first week.
I look at your weight losses everyday and feel so inspired, god bless you and I wish you all the luck in the world to get to your goal. You deserve it hun. x x x x
Truly wonderful, you are doing fantastic! My size 16 trousers are getting very baggy around the thighs and I can do my buckles up on my shoes now!! Had used to have to ask my OH to do it as I was so fat I couldn't reach around. How embarrasing!

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