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Week 10


I cant believe my 14 weeks are nearly up and I have come this far. Didnt know if I could stick it.

Another 3 pounds last night. I was really suprised as I had slipped up a few times during the week. Yesterday I binged for the first time. DOnt know why and not pleased with myself but I dont want to do it again. But compared to what I would of done before this it wasnt that much so I must be learning something. Not making any excuses but looking for a positive here.

Having a stressfull time at work not sure whos fault it is but not seeing eye to eye with a collegue. I dont think she has changed it is me and every little comment I am making into a mountain. Which makes the situation worse so I must try harder with her to. I have taken the rest of the week of work using the excuse of my son being on holiday so I can have a break and a chill out.

Took son swimming and while in the shower and friend came in she looked at me a couple of times and then said Bl**dy Hell you look fantastic I didnt recognise you. I havent seen her for a while. Not really at my best standing ther in my cozzie with a head full of shampoo lol. But that made me feel good. So why did I go home and eat.

Ok thats my story lol hope everyone has a good week to
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Hiya megsmum! I can't really help you to answer that question - I'll leave it for wiser and more experienced people, though it sounds as if it's to do with the clash at work...Have you done a thought record? If you can learn to deal with difficult issues without food getting involved, it'll be a real triumph.

To accentuate the positive, though, not only have you lost loads of weight, but you were brave/energetic enough to take your son swimming, so good on you, and enjoy the stroke from your friend! You sound as if you've put the slipup behind you and will have a better day today.

Isn't it weird to think the 14 weeks are almost gone? It seemed like such a long commitment when we started. I'm at the same stage as you, doing week 10 tomorrow. Can't believe it. Are you going into development after that? I am, and looking forward to carrying on (grim determination!) until all this podge is finally gone! Hope today goes well for you.:flowers:

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Although it's not ideal to fall off the wagon it can be very useful.

I spent my whole diet in adaptive child and never once faultered. As a result I got less opportunites to learn about myself.

You have now got the opportunity to really think about what you did and whay and how it makes you feel.

The more thought records you can do the better.

The 'Foundation' stage is the stage where you can choose to really do the homework about who you are and how you are.

The more you do now the easier time you will have of it later. :D

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