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Week 11 shocker!!!


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Hey Cambridge Crew....remember THIS!


Wellllll....guess how much I lost this week! GUESSGUESSGUESSGUESSGUESS!

Oh - okay - I'll tell you...

I *only* lost 8lbs!

I would just like to point out that there is ABSOLUTELY no rhyme or reason in what I do or don't do - I can lose or not lose in weeks where I've done nothing, weeks where I've walked 50 miles and danced for my life, weeks where I've had a couple of 2 bar days, weeks where I've drunk my bodyweight in Coke Zero. Hell - I even had a diet cherry coke last night (I WAS BORED!)

What I am saying is look at these two scenarios...

Week 57 - lose 0.5lbs
Oh - okay - yeah - it happens. Bit grumpy, but the diet works.

Week 58 - STS
Boo Hoo Hoo! Cambridge doesn't work, I hate my liiiiiife. Scotch Egg, please.

Week 59 - 'Anyone seen Cerulean?' 'I think she's face down in a Scotch Egg'

Orrrrr....alternatively what actually happened....

Week 57 - lose 0.5lbs
Oh - okay - yeah - it happens. Bit grumpy, but the diet works.

Week 58 - STS
Ooooh - that's annoying. But okay...it must just be that thing that seems to happen. 2 weeks is a bit harsh, but it's only a number on a scale. Noone knows that number unless you tell them or they stealth weigh you (man - that would be sneaky - would they chuck you on the baggage check at the airport or sit you on the self-checkout scanner at Morrisons?) - I digress - noone knows that number but you...everyone can see your top getting baggier and your cheekbones making a special guest star appearance. So I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing. Scotch Eggs are lovely though. Oooh I miss Scotch Eggs.;)

Week 59 - 'Anyone seen Cerulean?' Yeah! She lost 8lbs and there's like this massive party going on! We're invited! YAYYYYYYY! :D:D:D:D:D
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Oh that's just brilliant! Well done!


Nearly there...
Oh wow!! Well done you!! x
OMG!! Well done you!

I must admit to feeling a bit....humphh! I 'only' lost 3lb last week and 2lb this week - I said I was going to give it "1 more week on SS+" because I'm disappointed in my losses a bit. Pah, if I wasn't on Cambridge, I'd have well put that ON and more besides!! After all, that's only slightly less than 1/2 stone in 2 weeks!

On LL I was the same - never really did anything different but had massively different losses some weeks.

Delighted for you - your hard work is well rewarded. What a brilliant week this is turning out to be for you!


Must do it this time
:wow: amazing loss hun
That's a brilliant weight loss xx


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That's great - well done you!

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