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Week 13 SS update. Anyone else out there on week 13

Well I have just had my 810 week which finished on tuesday I am glad that is over with I was so happy to be back on SS :eek: mad i know.

Well I am feeling great about myself and the way I look. The compliments i have been getting and I am enjoying clothes shopping at last I hated it before well i say i hated it i love shopping just hated the way I looked in the clothes.

Ok so my skin is starting to look abit lose around my upper arms, thighs and tummy and my boobs have shrunk (hubby not happy) I was a 40DD now a 38C but hey I can always get a boob job lol.

I have my WI tomorrow I was due to be weighed on tuesday but my CDC was away so I am waiting to see how my 810 week effects my WI so fingers crossed. I am hoping to SS 100% for the next 12 weeks which i am hoping will take me close to goal weight.

I want to start exercise but i am not sure what i can do on SS and suggestions ???
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Strong women stay slim
Well done on your weight loss !
13 weeks of SS is a long time , i'm sure your going to go all the way :)
cheers hun i am going to get there because this is the last diet i am ever doing so it goal or bust lol


Strong women stay slim
Good for you , yes got to get to the finishing line !
49 pounds is great .
I have taken CD back up again , and i'm looking to get too 140 , so I have away to go yet , but putting the scales on hold for as long as I can hold out ....
Yes diet or bust , well think we will aim for diet lol
busting might be a bit messy lol
well i am sure you will get there xx


Strong women stay slim
busting Eww lol
Your not far from me , bedford , i'm in hertfordshire .... hows your day going ?
Its going slowly after a good start this morning I sorted out all my big clothes so hubby can see that i have nothing to wear now lol. Now he is sleeping on the sofa I am now watching come dine with me and my 2 boys are off playing but i am sure they will burst in any moment for dinner.

Where abouts in herts are you I am from St Albans originally. Hows you day going is it as exciting as mine lol


Strong women stay slim
good Morning Kerry

I love St Albans , houses are more there , than where I am
Hey I was watching that too , i cracked up laughing where the cat eat the salmon , lol , and that black woman she was so funny hehe , she seems she would make you laugh all day
When he dished up the pudding I saw the hair on the plate , i shouted eww theres ahair on that plate and I watched for that ,a nd cracked up , it was so so funny when that bloke said about he thought he was eating the salmon that the cat had its teeth in lol!!!
I also have two sons but older and a 6 year old daughter , hey so how comes the move from lovely st Albans :)
well diet wise another day here we come what may , suns out , and lets speed time away till goal lol!!
Well hubby joined the army and we sold the house in SA then 2 years later he damaged his knees are army dream was over and we couldn't afford to move back to SA he got a job in Bedford and so here we are.

I missed some off come dine with me as my lot wanted feeding bloody men my boys are 10 and 14 and being the only girl i feel like more of a Maid than a wife and mum most of the time lol.

I find the diet is all part of my routine now so it doesn't bother me so much one thing i have learnt is that before I would give in to hunger and cravings far to easy so i am hoping this will help me when it comes to maintaining. Enjoy the rest of the bank hols I have nothing exciting planned I am hoping to look for a new bed at some point though mine is killing me with the springs poking out.

chat later


Strong women stay slim
Hi Kerry
aww sorry to hear that about hubby , yes SA is nice , but one day whos knows or you may settle there .
New beds ... I got one this year as mine was 13 years old , they say to replace them every 3 years i think , ho if i had the cash lol
My sons are 18 , 15 , daughter 6 ...
Come dine with me , I always say to myself , I don't think I could do that , go to strangers houses and them cook for me , better be nice to them as you never know what they might do to the food lol
Yes diets , if your in the frame of mind you can do it !!!
Yes given in to hunger ... we are only human after all :) must do my soup now , its amazing how you can feel so hungry and within an hour it just passes , and really you don't want anything ...
enjoy the bank hols kerry
We are settled here in bedford for now if we move again it will be abroad when the kids have grown up.
We have had our bed 10 yrs now so time for change.

well I seem to be in the right frame of mind for a change I really just want to get it over with so thats why i am putting up with not drinking on nights out and doing SS 100% until I get to goal.

Well enjoy your bank hols I will be enjoying a lay in for a change


Strong women stay slim
Hi Kerry , thats it give it some fighting talk , no more drinks yet hey , but they have not gone forever
yes time for a new bed ,10 years its had its share of action lol
ops sorry lol
Wish I could lay in , but i have this built in alram clock that keeps getting me up say 6ish and 7 Am it never fails me , Arrrrr lol
Have a great day :)))
Yes ten years of action lol now i think of it 10 years of birthday present openings with the kids, jumping, wrestling with the kids and of course the normal thing that happens in a bed of a married couple (watching t.v. and sleeping lol) Its a bit sad really but it has to go!!!!

Enjoy you day I am going to try really hard today with my water which i struggle with so thats my goal for today x


Strong women stay slim
Sad to see the bed go all them memories hehe its ok the next bed can be memory foam lol
All that water we need loos on hand , thats the only trouble with this diet ... lol
I'm still paying for my bed , its grattan and they ripped me off cos they never gave me my buy now pay later or is that hide later lol also it was a deal to get 10% off which they never gave , headache with them so stopped dealing with them now .
Another day almost over yeahhh lol
Well another day in CD world hows it going for you good i hope?
I am doing ok body balance was fab last night and i am sore today so i must of stretched and toned well so can't wait to go again next monday I am thinking of starting swimming too.


Strong women stay slim
I had a blip , and the scales need getting rid of cos they play games with my head lol
Doing Well Kerry , wow you are going for gold lol , swimming next , you will be tonned .
i'm having a fresh start today and not giving up , I need to bring my bmi down again which I will do ... are yous till aching ?
but your back after your blip thats the hard bit so draw a line under it and start again.
well i am not sure about the toned bit as i have excess skin on my upper arms that no working out with get rid of but i am going to give it a go and i am sure my tummy and thighs will be the same but its a small price to pay to be healthy and there is always plastic surgery lol.
I am not aching today i was up until last night but it was good to know i had worked my muscles I am going ice skating with friends tonight so that should be another good workout.
Well keep going you can do it xx


Strong women stay slim
Ice skating , never been , I must do more things in life lol
plastic surgery abroad is best cos you get a holiday to go with it lol
Yes i'm back in the CD house , I don't want them demons to come again , otherwise its going to take a very long time .... Have you had taht before Kerry , where you fight them off but no matter how hard you try they are there until you do cheat , ouch .
I had a powercut when i was on last , i thought my pc had died on me lol , it went off for an hour , well one good thing came out of it , i got the housework done yeahhh
I will have to do some sort of workout , its just setting my mind to it ,cos i really hate it .But I know I will do it , i do alot of walking but i can do more . have fun tonight :)
Well ice skating was fab until the last 5mins of our 2 hr slot as i fell over straight onto my knees ouch and i am now hobbling along with 2 swollen bruised knees that will teach me lol. But it was great fun and such a laugh.
Glad to here you P.C. was ok mine is like a life line to the outside world.
My demonds were terrible they would win everytime then after a few week on CD i don't hear them anymore thank god i am hoping the drowned in my CD shakes.

Well i am only just doing some sort of exercise and i am 15 weeks in so i wouldn't worry to much until you start going up the steps.

anyway have a great weekend and keep fighting those naughty demonds they will be gone soon xx


Strong women stay slim
hi kerry , hope your knees are not too painful today , but you had fun , glad to see your life is not on stand still as these diets can do that t you easy .
Think i'm going to use a toner on my hair later , La Riche , strip the colour out I have now , hope it turnes out ok ... lol
Week 15 , would love to say i'm on week 15 , I need to stop listen to them voices saying you need me the crab talk
Hows your day going ?

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