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week 14 and struggling

Am I the only one who is struggling week 14, last week i was up on 810 and I have tried to drop back to SS this week but i am really reall struggling. as a result i have had 3 SS+ meals over the last 4 days.

Will I ever be able to SS again or is that it??
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Yes, you will. Or should I say, you can. :) There's no shame in SS+ after all. But I agree it's tough after a week on 810.

Sometimes it helps to go back to basics. Cut out bars and mix-a-mousse and just have shakes and soups for a day or two so that your level of ketosis goes a bit deeper and shuts up the hunger gremlins... :D

Hang in there! You've done so amazingly well, hun.
you have done amazingly, really. you must feel so good about your body now.. and just think you've come so far!!! seriously, it will be worth it in the end. I can imagine, having a glimpse of normality and then having to revert back to ss must be extremely hard.. but you're over half way now. You can do it!!
Of course you can do again. You've dpne it before, you know it can be done, be strong. Why not just stick to ss+ if you feel you can't just do ss!
After doing SS+ I struggled and then never actually went back to SS, I did SS+ instead and still had as good a weightloss as I had on SS.... have lost over 3 stone in 3 months....


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After I have an SS+ meal I struggle to get back to SS. I decided to mix the two so I try to do SS when I can and if I am hungry or feel I need to eat, then I have an SS+ meal and not feel guilty. I am going on holiday next week and plan to eat/drink. I am dreading coming back and starting again :(
Thanks Ladies.

I am trying not to be too hard on myself after all a little tuna and cucumber or chicken and cauli mash won't do me a huge amount of harm.

In March i was wearing a size 20, this week size 12 cropped jeans shorts buttoned up (with a muffin top) but i am comfortably into size 14's

I refuse to give upbut I thought dropping to SS would be alot easier than it has been.


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Hey hon,
Your doing fab, I would say dont beat yourself up..... do ss+ that way you can have a meal and not feel bad about it..
When I did my week of eating after being on ss I didnt go back and stayed on ss+ from then onwards and have never looked back and still lose each week.....
So chin up your doing great x

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