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Week 18...


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
well done suzy - great loss :D
still losing at a great rate!well done x

how much more do you wanna lose?
I want to get to 100lb on Lipotrim - that's only 8lb to go in 2 weeks.

I'm then hoping to lose about another stone on Scottish Slimmers.

well done hun, uve done so good.
x x
Wow is my word for 2day dat is just staggering! you are a queen of lipotrim haha!
Well done Suzy, you are doing great! What does Scottish Slimmers involve?

From what I can make out it's similar to Weight Watchers. My sister has done it very succesfully for years and looks great so I thought I'd give it a whirl!

You have an allowance of 'checks' which you use through the day. It focuses more on portion size and calories so I thought it would be a better option for me than Slimming World which I've always done in the past.

I'm quite looking forward to it and have planned my first week out already!
Wooohooo Suzy Sparkle! You're amazing sweetie. I'm so pleased for you. Fantastic. What weight are you now?

Wooohooo Suzy Sparkle! You're amazing sweetie. I'm so pleased for you. Fantastic. What weight are you now?

I started this diet weighing in at a shocking 20st 8lb and at my weigh-in today I was exactly 14st.

I can't believe I'd let my weight creep up so much but I'm amazed at how fantastic this diet is. This is the lowest weight I've been in, well I don't think I could tell you how many years!

If I get to my target I will hopefully weigh 13st 6lb when I finish this, with around a stone to go on my 'healthy eating' regime at Scottish Slimmers. I know it's not the ideal weight for my height but I think if I go any lower I'll look ill, and I'm happy with the way I'm starting to look. I also think that this will be a weight that will be manageable to maintain.

Suzy, to me 20 stone 8lbs is not at all shocking! I was 22 stone! Nevermind that horrible 20 odd stone, you'll never see that number again when you're standing on the scales!

I'm just like you - Couldn't believe my eyes when first weighed in, and by the end of this I'll most probably be the lightest I've been in years. LT is most definitely the best invention ever! We're so lucky to have found it.

Brilliant idea - To lose the last stone through healthy eating under the watchful eye of Scottish slimmers. Very sensible. I'm the same! I'm not going for the 'ideal' weight for height as I know I'll look bloody awful. You do look gorgeous as you are now, is it any wonder you're happy!

Only 2 weeks to go! Wooohoo, you must be so excited.


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