week 2 &3 rtm wi


nearly there!! :)
and i lost 5lbs wooooooooooohoooooooo!!

thats 9lb in 3 weeks!! sooo delighted im now 9st 10lb!! and a size 8 in some clothes wooohooo!!
Wow Catz! Well done! Is that normal for RTM? How are the other's in your group doing?? I am trying to work out when to move onto RTM... I didn't think you continued to lose! Have you been exercising manically too??

A x

Hahaha - thanks LS - makes sense... so basically, I want to hit goal in Developers 'before' I move onto RTM... my LLC and I had discussed me finishing earlier, but I think I am motivated again now to see it through to the end. We'll see :)

Thanks for answering my question!! :)

Thats fab :D well done xXx
lol thanks everyone...i dont feel tiny cause i still have my hips but i am very happy with my size!!
anna the girl im doing rtm in her first week sts but she had a mini lapse!! now she wont be weighed till next week! but my llc has had people who end up smaller after rtm...i think it depends on ur body and trigger foods etc!!
ls ill try get some pics up havent really got any new ones, and oh would laugh if i start talking pics of myself lol!!
my oh picked me up and threw me head first down his back tonight, and it didnt bother him so i must be light lol!!
heading ice skating now...havent been in bout 9-10 years ill get slapped lol!! xxx
Hey Cat, just wanted to congratulate you on yet another fab loss! My CDC said that as you introduce food, you will hit a plateau where you lose, maybe even gain. BUT she said you are still losing fat and will lose inches even if you don't lose lbs, and it's your size and being happy with it that's most important, not what the scales say :)
Amazing! Keep going.

And let us know when you have pictures up you!