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Week 2 bloated

Sorry this message might have a bit tmi but I really want someone to assure me this will go away...
I'm week 2 into sw, I've done sw before and was never like this.
I feel really bloated and have horrible wind, everythings 'moving' okay tho if you know what I mean. And everytime I go to the toilet the bloating goes then the grumbling starts and it happens all over again. I actually thought I had a tummy bug but it's day 3 now. I had enough last night and had a bit of a wobble and weny of plan but I don't want to give up and straight back at it today. I think it must just be down to my body getting use to all the fruit and veg and the lack of fat. I'm drinking lots of water... But this will go right??
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Yes it wil! It is quite common actually and not really surprising as you are asking your gut to start doing some real work for a change when all it has been used to is highly processed foods. Water helps, as does peppermint tea and lots of people find eating activia ff yoghurts also helps ease the bloating.
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Good advice from Circes as ever! I'm on week 2 and I feel pregnant, I'm 60 :eek:! (no star in the sky tho!) My waist is an inch bigger than when I started, but I lost 4lbs last week and I know from past experience that in another couple of weeks I will feel alot better. Stick with it, count your wobble in your syns and you'll be back on track in no time.
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i found i got like this when i started using kellogs fibre plus bars as my hxb it was horrible. took a few days after i had them 4 it 2 go. peppermint tea is def a good idea :D hope it goes and you feel beta soon x
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know what you mean i have had terrible headaches which i know are related to starting Sw again, i think it's my body having withdrawal symtoms from all the rubbish i was eating but i know it will go in a few days as i get used to it .so stick with it as it will be SO worth it !

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