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Week 2 low weight loss?


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Hi All

I am currently on day 5 of week 2 Exante. I lost 10lbs in my first week (which I am obv very pleased about), but this week I'm not even quite at a 1lb loss. Is this normal for week 2? Is it likely to get back to 2-3lbs in week 3?
I need the losses to spur me on. x
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I dont think there are any rules about how people lose weight on this diet, other than that the first week is usually much higher due to it being mainly water loss. I lost 6lbs my first week and 3lbs my second week which are much less than I'd have liked, but any loss is a loss. Sometimes our bodies take a little longer to adjust to a new regime and you've still got a few days til the end of your week so you may be suprised and it comes off then. I had 4 days last week where my weight didnt move one little bit, not even an 1/8th of a lb and I was getting concerned, but in the end it worked out ok.


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Week 2 is always a complete b***h for me on any diet. So much so that this time around I refused to weigh lol. I did however hop on and off the flipping scales all week, only to see the number stay exactly the same and even go up by half a lb at one point! Often on a VLCD I find that the scales don't drop until actual weigh day. Hence you should only weigh on that day as all that hopping on and off can really mess with your head otherwise. The only week that looks good on a daily basis is week one when they just drop at a staggering rate :)

Stay strong and know that no matter what happens in week 2, week 3 should show up all your hard work. You can do no more on this diet. Just stay on plan and your body will work the rest out :) Good luck! :)


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Week 2 may look bad but at the end if the month you would have undoubtably lost a stone. Maybe have a monthly weight loss in mind and say ok I've lost this much already so only this go. It means that differences in the week sent that important as long as the number is going down. Good luck. x

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