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Week 2: Nearly 2 stone down (in more ways than one)


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S: 24st8.6lb C: 17st3.6lb G: 17st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 7st5lb(29.89%)
Started the week really well, staying 100% despite an 8am to 1:30am working day, immediately followed by a 6am-6pm.

Then disaster. Wednesday morning, woke up at 4am in pain. Wasn't sure if I needed the loo or just twisted 'myself'. Tried to sleep it off but by 5am the pain was unbearable. Went to A&E, 1 X-ray later found out I had 2 kidney stones that were stuck. Kidney stones are a potential side affect of the lipotrim diet so was in cursing this diet. I had been drinking around 3 litres everyday so assumed that's either not enough, or my body is crap.

Was let out of hospital the next day. Spoke to the doctor after the initial look of disgust when I told her I only drank 2 shakes a day informed me that while the shakes could help create kidney stones they take weeks/months to form. So the 11 days I've been on lipotrim (at that point) wouldn't of caused the kidney stones. If anything all the water I've been drinking would've helped flush them out.

So bottom line for this week. I ate hospital food for lunch/dinner on Wednesday and breakfast Thursday. Body left ketosis because of this, so felt crap again Thursday night and Friday reintroducing the shakes.

Weigh in this morning came in at 144.8kilo (22stone 11.2lbs). Which is a loss of 4.4kilo (9.7lbs) this week and a total loss of 11.5kilo (1stone 11lbs). So another good week despite the hospital food, which I think has put me off food for life!

Holiday is booked for 11 weeks from now. Don't think I'll hit my 18stone goal in time if I want to refeed before I go away. But current mindset is to refeed before I go away, then see if I can maintain/lose on normal good food without going back to the shakes
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Hi CP,
Wow what a week. I am glad you are feeling better, also glad you still had a loss at weigh in :D I hope the coming week is kinder to you ;)

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