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Week 2 on TS. No weight loss.

Hi guys looking for some advice. I am now at the end of week 2 on TS. I weighed myself this morning and I am exactly the same weight as I was last Tuesday. I started at 12st 11lbs, after week 1 I was 12 st 2lbs. However, this week I have stayed exactly the same. I have stuck to the diet 100% and cannot understand why I am the same. Any advice? :confused:

I am also finding that I am very emotional and stuck in a world of my own. :wave_cry:

I was thinking of coming off the diet altogether and starting again in 2 weeks. I was hoping this would give me the "1st week effect". What are your thoughts?

Any help appreciated. Cat:bighug:
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Firstly, well done for reaching the end of your 2nd week whilst sticking to TS 100%. You've had a brilliant loss so far!

I'm not sure what possibly could be causing this although one of the other people on the forum may have some thoughts. From what I gather, sometimes this just happens. However, I reckon that if you can stick it out and do another week then when you weigh on week 3 you will have had a good loss. I think this might be a better option than taking a break and coming back to it as you've already done the hard part which is the first few days! I've found this forum is a great place for advice and support from other members who are all really friendly so you've definitely come to the right place to ask. :]
Catster, don't give up and come off the diet for 2 weeks then go back on; that will just mess your body up.

You are not alone as exactly the same thing happened to me this week. My first week I lost 10lbs and was thrilled then this week nil and I, like you have been 100%. Sometimes your body needs to play catch-up with the weight you lose; it can be hormonal, not drinking enough water, doing excessive exercise or not having been to the loo.

I did a vlcd 5 years ago and lost 5 stones in 4 months, but twice I stayed the same and never lost, but had been 100%. So chin up, stay focused and positive and look forward to another great loss next week.

Please, please please don't give up; you will lose again next week. xx
this is very common in week 2 , keep up the good work and i can assure you , next week will be a fantastic loss :) The way the body works when you loose fat is quite complicated , but basically when you loose fat cells , the body keeps the 'space ' these cells took up open for a few days , they fill up with water .. which weighs more than the fat ... so you can appear to stay the same for days .. then the body realises that the fat isnt coming back and empties to water out .... many many of us STS for 4-5 days then loose 3-4 lb over night ... so just be patient , you cannot fail to loose on this plan :)
Thanks guys, after reading all your replies I am feeling much more confident about it all now. I am glad that you have been through the same thing also. I will continue on TS for another week. I feel so much better in my self already.

Thanks again for your advice, it has been a great help. Hope you all are doing well.

Catster x
It's your body adjusting Hun 11 lbs is a huge amount to lose well done keep at it Hun and good luck xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xxx
Thanks Kel. 11 lbs is great but I was upset I didn't lose anything. However, after being on here and reading all the advice, I am more confident about it now.

Thanks again x
Same with me ~ I stupidly didn't weigh before I started and only started weighing in the second/third week! I was getting really disheartened until I joined this forum and got the message that this happens to nearly everyone. I have stopped weighing everyday now and only weigh on Sunday ~ keeping fingers crossed for this weekend but definitely beginning to see results now :) Keep going you're doing great :)

I havent had a 0 loss yet but I'm prepared for it at some stage as from reading posts on the forums I understand it's quite common, like the other posters said our bodies react/adjust differently. Stick it out and you will definitely see change, it's impossible to live on 600 calories a day and not lose weight.

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