week 2 weigh in after a bad week


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Well Ive been to be weighed after a week of TOTM hell and picking a bit,

Ive had a loss of 3lb which could of been better but then again it could have been worse,
anyway got this weeks supplies and my determination is back with a vengence


So thats 17lb gone in 2 weeks (still sounds good when said like that though)

Hope you are all well and sticking to it like good uns

Lisa xxx :p
17lbs!!! OMG you might have 'only' lost 3lbs this week but that total is amazing. To put it in perspective, I lost 11lbs in 2 weeks (only 4lbs in my first week), some people lose less and the average is meant to be a stone a month so you've already acheived that in half the time. Well done you.
Thank you
I was chuffed with such a big loss the first week,and 3lb this week is still in the right direction,Im now in the 13 stone something bracket which I havent been since secondry school,
This time last year I was 17 st 2 lb
what a brill weight loss whirlwind... just remember tho that nibbling on an ongoing basis won't give you them results every week... its a very easy habit to get into!!!

keep ur eyes on the prize and you will be flying!!

Gen xx
not nibbling no more no way no how
3lbs is a fantastic loss in your second week especially after having such a great first week and with it being TOTM too. But I know sometimes it is easy to be disappointed the week after a big loss. I try to think of it as 'a 3lb and maintaining a 14lb loss' and this makes me feel proud, even on the weeks I haven't lost any I think of them as maintenance weeks. hope this helps and CONGRATULATIONS.

Dizzy x

ps try to quit the picking a bit even on TOTM weeks you'll feel better if you do!