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Week 2 weigh in - GUTTED!


The Weight Loss Monster
I was so pleased to have lost 4.5lbs in the first week and felt energised to keep up the diet and increase my exercising because I know that you usually loose more weight in the first week than any other time.

I stuck to the diet religiously and went out for an hours walk at least every day. Prior to starting WW I was housebound for 6 years, so I thought that the weight would melt of at the first sign of exercise... But no, I went to my WI last night and I'd only lost half a pound. :cry:

I'm not an overly emotional person (honest!) but I actually teared up as the leader asked me if I'd been doing the diet right etc.

I did explain to her that I upped my exercise ten fold and maybe it was that problem. She replied that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same (a pound... Obviously) and not to rest on that excuse. :sigh:

Anyway, it's made me ten times more determined to get it right this week. I suppose I'm just a bit over whelmed because when I lost 3 stone with WW 7 years ago it was really easy. I've since had a hysterectomy and been put on steroids but I have no idea to what extent that affects my loss.

Sorry to drone on and on :rolleyes:. My husband is just chuffed I lost the half pound and doesn't understand why I'm so disappointed, even when I explain that four other women at the weigh in claimed to have cheated all week and they lost at least 3 pounds each.

Right, pity party done... I'm of to see what I can have for lunch that doesn't include the words lard, chocolate or extra fattening in the title;).

Thanks for listening.

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Oh don't let that make you down you've done great you've lost 5lbs in 2 weeks
your meds may make it slower than others in your group to lose but you are losing it
stick with it & you will get where you want to be


The Weight Loss Monster
Thank you so much Chocaholic, that's really kind of you. I'm trying not to let it affect me but you know what us women are like on diets... The slightest thing sets us of (or is that just me? :) ).

By spending all day on this forum I've managed to avoid ruining my diet with emotional eating so I'm glad you guys are here.

By the by, how do you give someone thanks on a post? I thought there'd be a wee button or something. Sorry I'm a total 'puter tard! :)

you are welcome & there is a thumb on the bottom right of each message that you can use to thank as well as the reputation points for which I thank you


bye bye baby tummy
Exersize can slow down weight loss too, might sound silly but two ladys in my meeting

one exersized every day ran marathons ect.... hit a platau... because she was burning too many calories, if your racking up a massive amount of AP you will need to eat some of them not alot of them but some of them

Another member tried differant exersizes for 3 years again was on a platau untill she started jazzasize and that started the weight shifting again

So I would slow down the exersize and build up slowly hth


The Weight Loss Monster
Thank you both so much for your support.

Louisa, thanks very much for your advice. I must admit that I think I was going overboard with exercise and have slowed down a bit now. I've messured myself this weekend and am really pleased to have lost a lot of cm's all over, so I can't complain too much... even though I do anyway :))
Hi Ness just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss so far don't be too dissapointed with the 0.5 keep going. fab new on the cm loss nice!!! just starting my second week and my first week back at work whilst on ww so lot's of planning needed me thinks xx :)


The Weight Loss Monster
Thank you very much Little Miss Sunshine (LOVE your name!). I think after next Wednesday (as long as I've lost... no matter how little), I'll feel more encouraged! Nearly went off diet today after finding all the WW foods in Poundland :eek:. The carrot cake, choc cake and cheese tortillas tasted so good (and were so low), that I was very tempted to eat the whole damn lot in one go... But I managed to pull it back at the last minute :p. Actually, your message got to me at the right time, so thank you very much.:D I'm so glad to have found this site.

Good luck with being back at work on the diet, I'm the same... I start my degree (only 14 years too late :D )on Monday and I need to figure out how to eat my WW food without any bother. Fun, fun, fun!


bye bye baby tummy
Your welcome hon

IMO CM's are better then lb's cause lbs wont get ya in smaller clothes but those cm will

The ww cakes and such are deadly, I had choclate shortcakes omg they are delish but i at them all in a few days lol and even worse when u say well its only 1 point its only 1 more point and another 1 point and antother lol


The Weight Loss Monster
Thank you guys, yep I lost two pounds this week AND got asked to help out at my local meeting weighing people, so I'm chuffed to bits. :D Free weigh Ins are the best insentive I've had!

And I agree Louisa, I am addicted to all the WW cakes and foods... but I don't think they're at all good for me because I, like yourself, can NEVER just eat one! ;)

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