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week 2 weigh in here i go

Good lick Clair,

I was the same on Sat .. Was full sure I was all bloated and hadn't lost .. Even weight at home and those scale said I was the sane weight!!

But I was down 5 lbs .. so you'll be grand!!

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Well done on your losses..

Was wondering what sort of weight loss I could expect for week 2.. Secretly hoping for a 5/6.. My first week weigh in was today and lost a massive 13lbs so don't want to expect anything too big :sigh:

Do you reckon I could achieve the 5-6lbs ? I have been 100% so far and can't see myself cheating or nibbling on anything either..

Thanks for your time and Goodluck xx
Hi lost 10lb in my first week and the 5 this week but I had been naughty and had alcohol on Friday night (I know it's dangerous) I think 5/6 sound very achievable. People on here lose very differnt amounts on different weeks I read one or two who lose a small amount one week and then a large amount the next but dint do anything different. I have sent my self an impossible goal I want to lose another 13lb by week 4. How much have you got to lose?
I have another 64lbs to go to reach my target of losing 100lbs which would take me to 10st 4lbs.. But at the moment I just wanna get back down to 12 and half stone which was the lowest weigh I have ever been but also the happiest.. I also have some old clothes I would like to get back into..
I don't want to be on LT for too long so would love to lose 2st in the first 4 weeks then do re-feed and just eat healthily after that.. Although if by then I am still motivated and I have had an amazing loss I will probably carry on..
How much do you have to lose and how long are you planning on being on LT for?

GL xx
I started 196lb (14 stone) down to 185(12st 13lb) would like to be 126 (9st) gee that's 60lb to go (just realised). taking it week by week would like to stay on LP for as long as it takes I have my whole life to eat delishous food so I'm going to keep going. I'm amazed at myself for not eating for 14 whole days but more amazed for losing 15lbs. Then I think I will follow slimming world rules to maintain don't really know yet
I keep telling myself that everytime I want to eat.. 'You've got plenty of time to eat and enjoy yourself once you've reached your target'.. Although I'm not going to go mad and eat anything in sight lol..

Do you watch Biggest Loser? They tell everyone there is some big emotional reason as to why you've become over weight.. I respect and understand some do but I don't.. They say to overcome your weight you need to understand why you became fat in the first place..
The only reason I can think is that I got too comfortable and now I'm stuck in my ways.. I don't have any emotional reason.. :confused:
I don't eat when I'm sad or stressed I seem to eat when I'm happy! (Boy I must be an extremely happy person, to get to this size lol:D) I suppose everyone is different but I just hope I have cracked it this time lol..

How are you doing today? xx
I agree about the emotional eating not being for everyone I also don't eat for those reasons I just really enjoy eating delish food. Today has been no problem so far but it's always tea time I find hard
I seem to be fine most of the time but every so often I think I could just do with a takeaway.. Something with a bit of taste to it lol.. The pharmacist gave me far too many strawberry shakes this week and although I quite like them I'm worried I might get bored if by the end of the week that is all I have left.
On the plus side I noticed today that my size 16 jeans aren't so tight anymore. I did measure myself on day 8 and had lost 5.5" from my bust, waist, stomach and hips. 2 of which were from my waist!! thrilled with that too!!

How are you getting on? xx
Emm just ate 5 king prawns tut tut but it's not going to lead to any more cheating and there's almost no carbs in em so I'm not beating myself up I choose to eat em
I wouldn't worry about it hun, just kick it to the side and carry on with the shakes.. I kinda licked a fortune cookie yesterday lol. I think the best thing is to not feel guilty about it. Just know that you've had your little nibble and it tasted good and move on.. I try not to be to emotional about food.
I was talking to my brother earlier and I was saying to him that I enjoy food too much, to after this just give up everything I love and enjoy, I'm just going to be more sensible like instead of having a whole 10" pizza to myself with garlic bread and onion rings just have what I need to fill me up.
We've got to remember that we still need certain foods to enjoy our lives after this process.. If that makes sense lol.

Goodluck with the rest of your week xx
Lol.. I didn't no how to explain, I touched it with my tongue and before I could gobble it up I smashed it up and threw it in the bin lol..
I'm in for a right night of it tonight my little boy is all snotty and keeps waking up!! He went to bed a 7.45 and has woken up 8 times already :sigh: Hope I can handle it.. Usually when he's like this I stay up and drink plenty of coffee and eat biscuits!! Uh Oh this is a real test tonight :(
When I did atkins I used to lick crisps and I told the chemist lady she looked in horror and said very serously you can't like anything, no licking alowed
I will try not too lol..:wave_cry::wave_cry:licking food haha.
I am a little down at the mo :cry: I am having to stay up with my bubba as he's poorly. He went to sleep without eating earlier so I have had to make him something to eat and to try and stop myself I thought I might weigh myself and hopefully see at least a 1lb loss but nothing:cry: Thursday (not sure if that is still today or yesterday as I haven't slept lol) was my 3rd day for week 2 so was hoping for a loss by now:(
I really hope I lose something this week as I know if in only lose 1-3lbs I will just think 'Okay I've starved myself and spent alot of money for 1lb!' and quit. I know last weeks loss was big and I wasn't expecting anything like that this week but was kinda hoping for a 5-6lbs.. Just don't feel like this can happen now :(

Sorry to go on I'm just a bit peed off :mad::(

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