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Week 2 weigh-in

Well I'm back again to give CD another shot and get my head down and do a 6 month stint. That should shift all the weight I want to get rid of and get me down to goal as long as I stick to it and don't mess about. To be honest, once I'm in the zone I'm pretty good at keeping going. It's the maintaining that is the bugger!

Anyway, I'm off to a spa tomorrow for a final day of bubbling and indulgence then it's detox time! Wish me luck for my start on Thursday!

Julia x
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Welcome Back:welcome2:

Wishing you the best of luck with your new start on Thursday juju_doll.

I hope you have a lovely day at the Spa, you lucky thing:)
Welcome back and good luck with your start tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your spa day. :)
Thanks folks ... all full of yummy food, had a wonderful day at the spa and now I'm ready to start! Let the peeing commence!!!



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welcome back and good luck :)
Thanks very much! Well day 1 is here, one tetra down and slugging back the water. Can't quite believe I'm back here again but just need to get my head down and get on with it.

Have got a quiet few days ahead, I'm a teacher so it's half term this week and I've not got too much planned so I can focus on getting in to ketosis and avoid food situations! Lots of school work to do too so plenty to keep me busy.

Off to fill up that water bottle! Hope everyone else has a good day.
Lord, I've found today hard. Never had such a tricky first day. Have nearly talked myself out of the diet about 10 times. About to grill my chicken and hope that I can distract myself with telly tonight to keep me going. Getting through day 1 is half the battle and I just really hope I can do it. Arrgghh!!!


Laugh in the face of food
How're you getting on Hun? Hopefully these next couple of days won't be too hard and you'll slip right into ketosis. Xxx
Tonight has been ok, but the 3 until 6 window which is always my weakest time was really hard work! Got through it though and day 1 is nearly done! How was your day? Sounds like your leg isn't doing too well. Hope it gets better soon!


Laugh in the face of food
My leg is getting there slowly, the injury was far more serious than I realised! Physio is happy with my progress and it's just me that's impatient lol.

Day 2 tomorrow, day 1 is always the hardest and it's almost over now!
Day 2 and feeling so much better, am nearly in ketosis too which is very good news! Going to have a 2 egg omlette tonight as my meal and never have I been so excited about eggs ... good lord. Coming on here to get through the 3 to 6 hellish time and so far so good ... Hope everyone else is having a good day!


Laugh in the face of food
I'm the same about eggs lol couldn't believe it when my CDC said I could now have 2!!
Do you use anything to cook it, like a little bit of butter or oil? I was going to avoid it and use a non stick pan but want to cook some mushrooms first ... seriously. Hightlight of my Friday ... what a loser.


Laugh in the face of food
I generally have scrambled poached or boiled eggs. I've steered clear of omlette cos I don't know how to cook it without oil :(
OMG. Never have I been so excited about an omlette. Was yummy with mushrooms too. I am very glad that I'm doing SS+, it definately keeps me more focused and able to cope with it in the long term, which for 24 weeks certainly seems like a long time! 166 days to go now though ...
Bloody hungry, thought i was in ketosis and I'm not, in a grump and have a ton of school work to do. Grrrr.

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