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Getting there!!!
WELL AS I THOUGHT A MEASLY 2LB!!! :confused: i felt i havent lost enough as i keep getting my totm, so the pharmacist said its left over hormones breaking down while the fat is burning!

im kind of pleased i nearly lost my 1st stone though!! roll on next saturday!! cant wait! only 17kg to go--37lb! :D
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2lb is still a great loss, just hold 4 packs of butter and see what it feels like. Dont be disheartened with losing 2lb, its really good.

Well done on your 2 weeks so far and good luck for week 3.


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Hiya, well done on losing 2lb!

I know it seems a small amount but it's really not bad at all. Look, you've lost almost a stone in 2 weeks, how amazing is that?!

I think focusing on the total might help, rather than sweating on the individual amounts.

Plus, how do you feel so far? Bet it feels great to be losing :)


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Just think hun, if its totm you could have lost less than that so you should definately be pleased with 2lbs. 2lbs of pure FAT gone FOREVER! Like you say you'll hit the stone and more next week which you will be buzzing about :D well done xx


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With this diet we always want more lol. But 2lb loss is still good, stay strong and you will soon shift the rest. Better off than on hey. xx:)


on the up lol
still a loss well done, and yes totm seems to be getting me to :sigh: lol twice in 3 weeks ggrrrrrr :rolleyes:


Here we go again!
Congrats on the 2lbs loss and like you say almost a stone in 2 weeks, that's great!


Getting there!!!
ahh thanks girls, i am looking at the bigger pic though! this time last year i weighed over 15 stone!! now im only 12,9!! im chuffed but it still not enough wen i see myself???


Here we go again!
We can't do this overnight, you will get there just keep going cos you're doing great so far!


Getting there!!!
thanks love, i know im just impatient but i swear im takin it 1 day at a time this time round!! i cant wait to be at goal...i can smell the size 10's lol.....jesus u have lost an amazing amount!! well done!! i hope i can do the same!


Here we go again!
You will get into those size 10s in no time! Just stick to it and don't try to rush it in your head. It took me years to get as big as I was so couldn't expect to lose it overnight. I know we all want to but we also know it aint gonna happen!

Keep going cos you sound as though you've got your head in the right place this time.

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