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Week 2 weigh in


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I've lost 4 and a quarter pounds this week. The quarter is important :D!!!!!!
That makes 16 (*and a quarter)lb in two weeks. Yay yay yay.
I'm quite pleased, but I think it should have been more. At the weekend I was helping a friend move house and spend it carrying boxes up and down stairs phew. But despite it being very hot, I don't think I drank enough.

I certainly didn't get my 2.5l yesterday. Sigh I know today cos I'm so thirsty. But onward and downwards, I'm sipping it constantly today and looking forwards to next week's weight.

Lorraine :D:D:D
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well done! dont be dissapointed at 4 and a quarter lbs - thats fab!! :D


I *will* be skinny again!
congrats! 16 *and a quarter* in two weeks is amazing! keep up the good work :D


Here we go again!
Well done on the loss, that's great.

I'm always the same at the weekends, I never drink enough water. During the week I have my bottle on my desk and constantly top it up but at the weekend I just tend to forget.


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Yup am the same! sundays and mondays are my worst days for water. Usually only manage the 2litres where as in the week i manage atleast 4!

You should always have atleast 2litres a day no matter what :) x
Well done, great result! I really struggle with the water have all the way through but it is getting easier, I find sparkling water much easier to drink for some reason!


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well done, very good weight loss, over a stone in two weeks, you should be very proud. hard to get the water in sometimes but well worth it. Best of luck this week.


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Well done on the loss....it is very good and over a stone in 2 weeks! Good luck for next week..

I have gotten into a good habit (hopefully) where no matter where I go, even if it is to the shops I carry either a litre or half litre bottle of water with me. It just means I know I will get my full quota a day. It is just remembering and getting into the habit.

I now fill 2 x 1 litre bottles, and 3 half litre bottles to take to work, and then I usually try and drink another half litre to a litre in the evening.

Making it a habit will eventually become second nature.

Hope this helps you drink more, but I did struggle at the beginning; now if I dont drink constantly I am as dry as a stick.
I have a lot of trouble remembering to drink as I have always been really bad at it. when I was a student I would survive on 2 cups of tea a day and think that was normal BUT when I started LT I had to do something so I set the alarm on my mobile to go off every hour to remind me and that has got me into the swing of things. well don so far x

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