Week 2


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:)Hi everyone! I have started Slimming World two weeks ago and at the moment I feel good. The first week it was a big change to how I eat so I started feeling a sick etc.. Think it's just the change in diet because it seems to have passed now! My first week I lost 3lbs which i was pleased with. I went back last night to find I had maintained this week. I was pretty gutted at this because I kept to the plan. I did got for a chinese but had plain rice (free) and beef and black bean (5 1/2 syns). Dont really know what happened there but hopefully next week i will loose! I have just joined the gym so hopefully that will give it a kick aswell. I am also getting a bit bored with eating potatoes.. but im looking and making the effort to cook new things.

Week one- -3lbs :)
Week two- M :confused:
Week three ??
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Hiya well done on your intial loss, remember that once you start going to the gym you will be building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so that may be the reason that you stayed the same. However dont let the fact muscle weighs more put you off exercise as the more muscle we have the more calories we burn. Enjoy your exercise!:D


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Thanks! I have tried the gym before but never got into it . But i have more willpower now. Going to get a personal plan so i know its working I have about 4 stone to loose so i want to tone at the same time :D


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Don't worry too much. I STS for my second and third weeks. At the time I was gutted as I stuck to the plan 100% but the next week I had a good loss.
Good luck!
Right gonna go old school on you here but to tone I swear by Callanetics they are amazing and you can lose a dress size in 10 hours. They are not easy and you definately know you have had a good muscle work out the following day but they are the most effective non impact exercise I have ever done.


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Thanks Sonia, I hope my hard work pays off. My leader said maybe i need to eat all of my syns because i have only been having one a day without realising. :D

What is callanetics?
Callanetics are toning non impact gentle pulsing exercises which you do in reps of 50-100. You can really "feel the burn" whilst your stretching and pulsing as a matter of fact when I first started I thought perhaps it was some kind of torture. But i stuck with it and honestly cant believe the difference it made plus I lost 4 and half stone and had no saggy bits.
I am going to be trying to do them this time too as I have a lot of weight to lose and will need some miracle to avoid saggy skin.
You can get a DVD from ebay for about £8 I think. Hope this helps.


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Sorry but you're not going to be building muscle after just one week, but it may be down to water retention. If you are going to be exercising you will need to up the amount of water you drink - i've been told an extra glass for each half of exercise. Don't feel down and this is a temporary thing and the scales will start moving again, and exercising can only help.

Oh and you should definitely be having more syns - minimum of 5 a day but aim for 10-15 and see how you get on.

Good luck!