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tad dissapointed...lost 2...making a total of a stone in 2 weeks.

I know I didnt manage my water well at all last week. Back on track now though 2 1/2 litres down.

Hi Shona

One stone in two weeks is fantastic, :D don't disappointed. It sows the seeds to despondency. You've worked hard to get this far, don't be so hard on yourself. It took me three weeks to lose a stone. The experience has taught me to relax and to accept my weight loss. I ask myself "If I wasn't on this diet, would I have lost this much weight?" The answer is no.

So well done and I wish you all the best on you weightloss journey.
I think the downside of ll, is that I want the moon on a stick. Im more dissapointed that I didnt get the water right.

I think I got a bit complacent about it, after my loss the first week. What a learning curve.
I know what you mean, we are losing the weight but not fast enough to our personal plans. Every week I am learning on this diet. But considering I never thought I could ever do a diet like this, I am proud of myself. I have not cheated once and for the first time in a very long time I can actually see myself succeeding. I've never felt so healthy and energetic for a very long time. I used to take vitamin tablets for that extra boost.

So think and movivate yourself on the positive aspects.

Probably right - though I lost 1st in 2 weeks & was chuffed to bits! I have been advised by other members & counsellor that the water is crucial! Insufficient fluid leads to water retention, which can actually show as weight gain if you're not careful.
I'm currently aiming for a min of 4l 5-6 if poss xxx
It is easy to think you are going to lose really well every week and I too have been a bit despondent when I've "only lost 2lb" some weeks - but if you keep at it then your average weight loss works out higher than that - its just we have funny old bodies that differ week to week. Remember the big picture - a stone in 2 weeks is fantastic - so celebrate that. And when you start to see the wight come off you will forget what you lose week by week and just see yourself on the road to slimdom. Kepp at it.

Jules x
Hi Shona,
WOW a stone in 2 weeks that is really incredible!! I only lost 7lbs last week and felt dissapointed BUT now clothes are fitting better and I feel so much more healthier. Even my wedding ring is on my finger. This is something I haven't been able to do for ages!! Be happy as you are doing fantastically well.
Although I understand how emotional this whole dieting thing can be, I don't think it is worth aiming for a set weight loss each week when you are ssing.

The reason being is that we know that if you do the diet in the recommended way then your body will lose the maximum safest amount it can each week and there isn't a lot you can do except stick with it and tick the days off.

By aiming for a set amount each week you set yourself up for disappointment on something you have no control over above actually sticking to the diet in the first place.

If you aim to lose 4lbs a week and 'only' lose 3 then how's that going to make you feel when you fail to meet your goal in full? If you consistently lose 5 lbs then you run the risk of upping your aim to 5lbs and at some point you are going to come unstuck.

I tried to have the attitude that I trust the diet and all I would do was to hang on in there whilst doing all the right things. I didn't try to quantify my aims any more than this because I didn't see the point of quantifying something when I was already doing the best I could :)
Nibbea a stone in 2 weeks is amazing, well don you!!!

Chicken you just hit the nail on the head. Fab reply:)
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A stone is fantastic in just 14 days - I haven't had my 2nd weigh in yet but I would be delighted. I know what you mean though it just cant come quick enough - I just picture me at Christmas in a nice frock feeling hell of a lot better about myself than I do now.

I find drinking the water at room temperature helps. Have you tried the flavours? £9 seems a lot of money though - I don't know wether to give them a go or get the CD ones of ebay, does anyone know if they are the same?

Well done though- a stone! It would take months to lose that on other diets!
Shona you are doing great ! Don't be hard on yourself about the water, some days its a struggle. You are adjusting to a new diet and doing your best. Give yourself a BIG hug. Have a great week ! Melissa x
Cake n' eat it. I am on LL and think £9 is a lot for the water flavourings and they make my stomach really upset. I am buying the CD ones, they are cheaper and don't bring me out of ketosis. Hope that helps, Melissa
Thanks Melissa - I'll give them a whorl. I am trying to vary my water but to be honest tap or bottle I just can't tell the difference! Maybe my pallet will develop.
Thanks guys as usual great words, I AM going to do this. I wasnt as upset that I had just lost 2, more that I hadnt been drinking well and that could have affected my loss.

Hi Shona

Well done on the loss. Just remember this is all a big learning process!

Good luck for week three.
thanks Flopster

Im feeling loads better today, I am being a lot more organised, IT WILL WORK...

How are you finding management?

thanks Flopster

Im feeling loads better today, I am being a lot more organised, IT WILL WORK...

How are you finding management?


It DOES work!!

Management is fine, I had a bit of a dogy couple of days in terms of thinking hey I can eat now where's the chocolate. I controlled very well considering how much I used to eat (I settled for a fun size Mars) but I have also realised that in order to really maintain I need to increase my activity (so am joining a gymn today). The management materials are amazing though - you get a CD each week and it is fantastic and very powerful.

I am going to do my homework soon too as I didn't manage any last week.

Looking forward to my dinner tonight too :)

I have got a thread on the Maintenance section of the diaries section on here though where I am putting all my mad ramblings as they occur to me.