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Week 23 WI

I can't believe I have been on LT for 23 weeks and come so far! I feel fantastic these days and am loving carrying less weight.

This morning I had a lovely walk to the chemist in the sunshine having said goodbye to my little on who has gone off on a school trip for a few days:wave_cry:. I was feeling a little uncomfortable coz I took a Ducolax last night which hadn't worked!!!!!:sigh:Typical!

I lost 1.1kg which is 2.42lb so okay! Alas it means I didn't manage my September target of 14lbs as I only lost just over 10lb this month - my pharmacists response was "the month isn't over yet"!!!!! Does she really think I'll lose another 4lb by tomorrow night!!!! In her dreams!

Still it is a loss and takes me closer to my target. I have another stone to take my BMI under 25 then I hope to lose another stone to take me down to a BMI of about 22/3. I am hoping to get down to about 9 1/2 stone which is less than my original target by about 5lb, although not sure if the pharmacist will let me go that low!

I do hope all the other Monday weighers have great results.:D


P.S. The Ducolax worked 90mins after the WI - can you credit it!!!!!:confused:
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still a good loss, typical ducolax lol


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Yay cuddlyfairy!!

With regards to the Ducolax- see my WI post and you will see you are not alone!
You may well have lost that 4lbs now! :D

Thanks Charlene.

Lol Medea! I must admit to popping on my scales afterwards but they hadn't moved an mm!!!! Still, better out than in!!!!

Have your Senecot worked yet?



soon to be minnie mouse
well done on this weeks loss you have been doing so well.
Thats a great loss. Yet another one CF!! Well done, truly impressive. Suck in the other 4lbs sure ;) You're flying thru your losses! :D
well done cuddlefairy! 23 weeks is some going...!
well done hun good weight lose xxxx
well done hun, is still a loss good job ;)
You,ve done brilliant, well done! x
thats still fab..and even more so, as you been on this for 23 weeks, that takes some will power!!...give yourself a big pat on the back..


a new way of living!
well done thats ace, as for losing more by tomorrow, well that depends just how well the ducolax works! ;)
Just popped in to say......your Amazing hun!!!! Roll on next week and the 7stone plus gone! Yay you!

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