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WEEK 24 WI-1ST Week of refeed. OMG!!!!


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In utter shock!! 1st week of re-feed and have lost an amazing 4lbs!!!! :eek:How did that happen!!!! Was really scared to get weighed in case I had put on weight. This diet never ceases to amaze me!:D

Today is my 6 month anniversary. This time 6 months ago I was 17st 3lbs, today I am 10st 2lbs. A total loss of 7st 1lbs (told I would catch up with you Tanya lol). Had to fight the urge to jump up and down in the chemist, was over the moon!! Roll on week 2 of re-feed! So, so close to target, cannot wait!:D
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Holeeee cr*p!!! Thats more than I lose in a week of LT-ing!!! Way to go!! I'm so pleased for you.


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Fantastic well done you :D
ive just commented on your fb status, but i need to say well done again cos its so blooming fab :D


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Liz thats just fantastic! well done honey :)
And wowee your caught up with me .... mwhahahaha not for long mrs - roll on monday :giggle: :) You look amazing and have done so fantastically well :) xxx


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Isnt it strange though how our body work, slowed down with the losses the last couple of weeks, so that's why I thought about re-feed. Wasnt supposed to start until today. I wander if I had carried on, would I have lost more or less?? It doesnt matter anyway because so pleased with the loss, just can't believe it!!

Tanya, I will do my damndest to keep up with u lol x


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There will be nothing left of you mrs!! :giggle: xxx

irish molly

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Some people have all the luck!!!! Jolly good for you. You must be so pleased with yourself.
what did u eat on your re-feed,i will bestarting mine in about 10 days ,so i have to start looking into it more.
wow dats the same i loose on tfr. go you that must make you calm down now. good for you hun on the huge success
Ooh, well done! That's fantastic! I hope I can have such a great loss on re-feed! Very impressed & reassured by that!

Hope you're enjoying your re-feed & it's going well (which it clearly is, hehe).



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what did u eat on your re-feed,i will bestarting mine in about 10 days ,so i have to start looking into it more.

If you look in the re feed section, I have posted my daily diary.

Good luck on your re feed, key to success is preparation and sticking to the sheet.
Wow!!! that's so impressive- and gives hope to the rest of us who are scared about the time we have to refeed. Well done Liz- good on you!!


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