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Week 25 Weigh In - lots of food talk though.

S: 16st13lb G: 11st0lb
Well i've had my week 25 weigh in and i've gained half a pound, which to be totally honest i'm not shocked with. I've really stuffed my face this week!

I've had a pisspoor time with all sorts of crap including missing out on a house that was perfect for us and finding out i've got to have an op in approx 12 weeks time (nothing major luckily but i'm just not good with anaesthetic (?) I get myself in a right state with it all and usually end up crying for about an hour before it. lol)

The Doctor that's doing it all, is the person who told me to try to loseas much weight as I could between our appointments as it might help, and when I walked in he didn't actually recognise me, he's not seen me since last August (I started Lipotrim the day after my appointment)and he actually had to ask twice to confirm who I was, that made me feel brilliant, he was really impressed and congratulated me a load of times, he really did seem shocked by how well i'd done in the time.

So whilst i have comfort eaten it's not been on the stuff i would have had this time last year (although i did have an individual key lime pie last friday afternoon which was stunning so i'm not going to beat myself up about it too much) it's been on things like nuts and seeds or blueberries or black olives (my god i love them!), I also had a glass of wine which was naughty BUT i would have drank the whole bottle before and i split the glass in two and made it up to a pint with fizzy water each time so i'm quite proud of myself for that (it did make me pee all night but it was worth it)- i've only had 3 glasses of wine since new years which is good too considering i've got 2 bottles of it in the house i've just not wanted it like I used to.

Anyway i'm sorry to have gone on a bit, and that i haven't asked how everyone else is yet too! I hope that your all well and sticking with it. I know it's bloody hard (and that i've probably not helped with my ramble) but take care and keep up the good work it's worth it in the end.

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