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Week 26 WI (refeed)

Hi, well I got weighed and maintained yet again, to be honest I wanted to lose at least a pound but never mind I stayed the same, which as got to be a good thing.
My food, well I have eaten like a king yet again, the only thing I did different was I had a smoked salmon fillet instead of bolognaise one evening, it was awesome by the way. Also I have upped the physical.
The truth of the matter is that when I went on refeed I really expected to drop into the 11's as some others did and lost, I didn't think this would be difficult.
So, what now? Well I'm refeeding this week and next Sunday I am going back on full LT for 2 to 3 weeks I am going to get to 11ST 7lb my ideal BMI and start refeed again. Must be honest I wish I had done this before but hey ho! Funny how when I was massive BMI was the worse thing in the world and when my Dr and chemist said your ideal BMI is 11.7 I just laughed and said no no no 13 is good for me. But oh how things change and they were bang on right and thats what I'm going to do.
Good look everyone this week and hope you all have great losses but save me some!;)
"So'til next week its goodbye from me.....":Dxx
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Thats great you have maintained. Good luck for going back on tfr, sure you will be fine and get to target no problem, you are very strong willed and focused x


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After losing 8st in 6 months, i think your bod is entitled to have this little stall - i mean you have been giving your bod the luxury of food for two-weeks, I think it would be mean of you to expect it to give that up so soon ;)

And anyways - maintaining is fabulous!!!!

You have done a brilliant job losing all your weight - kick back and enjoy it!!! Don't be disheartened 11st 7lb will be reached - and we will all celebrate with you.



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I'm finding I'm becoming quite obsessive about losing weight and that's after only 9 weeks. I guess after 26 weeks a few more weeks of shakes and chicken soup (yum yum) isn't gonna hurt. You can proove to the doubters (i.e. women) that it is possible to restart LT after stopping as well!!! Well done on your successes and good luck in meeting your new target!


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The thing is Garry you may well have lost fat. Your glycogen stores will have been replaced now and that can equate to about 5lbs. The fact you have stayed the same is fantastic. Stick with it mate and I bet next week you will see results. I never lost weight the first couple of weeks after coming off the diet, but then it started up again. x


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you have done really well to maintain. As you said you have ate like a king i have read you diaries and it looks good. good luck on going back on tfr look forward to hearing about more losses. keep it up


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Dude you are are a inspiration to so many people on here, including me :eek:

You have maintained at a good weight and you have previousley lost a shed load of weight.

You look good mate, do not worry :):):)


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wel done Gaz and good luck with tfr when you go back on it x
well done gaz xx u do wat you feel is right for u hun no doubt youl get wat u want, very inspirational as always xx


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Well done Gaz, good luck for the week ahead xx


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Staying the same is a massive achievement hun. Do whats right for u with regards to the weight, but you do look mighty fine already!!!!!!!!lol x


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Well done babe... i kno you wanted to drop ,,,but its still fab! Good luck going back on TFR and i know you will get to where you want to be in no time xxxx
I think thats fantastic, I am so scared of putting on when I refeed, to see that you have stayed the same and a few examples of what you've eaten (sound yum btw) is brill, to eat that and not put on, wow. Good luck with the week ahead,
T x
You know what I think....you're bloody fab and so is your massive loss, maintaining is better than gaining so well done!

And as for getting back on the LT, I reckon you'll bust that goal in a week or two!

Lisa xxx


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great going gaz, and as previously said maybe it's your body replenishing itself after TFR and you will start seeing a loss next week, good luck
I know! ;-p xx
Thanks everyone, looking forward to TFR next week waheeey I get my blanket back!
I wish you the very best... on the next stage of your journey.. whichever you choose will not be easy. but u've shown you have the will power of Superman.
Good luck and hope you get to your perfect weight soon! looking good luv xx

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