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WEEK 27 Weigh In

:rolleyes: .6 gone. At least more then half a pound, but sheesh - whats going on these last two weeks!! Ay yi yi!

It was a great class tonight though. A lot of thought arose of it, and that is always good.

I have had a funny couple of weeks, and this past weekend got very down. I was bloated, quite, and have been constipated fairly regularly. I think the cutting back water has not helped, and along with the cutting back water I have been drinking more coffee, which depletes the water, hence the constipation. But it got me feeling a bit down, and feeling so bloated made me feel fat. My first thought was, "You are gaining back all the weight you lost!" and I had a little moment of panic. Now that is an insane thought. I haven't eaten anything in 6 motnhs - how could I possibly gain weight!!?? But - still - there was that negative thought. I have not had many of them for some time now, so caught me out a bit. I didn't like it, and I need to shake it. Now.

I gave a lot of thought to what KD and Icemoose said the other day. And that is I have got away from what I hated - don't hate what I am now - so have felt rather stagnated and comfortable.

So. Now, my goal is still to get to 10 stone. I am getting confused and muddled up because of very many nice positive strokes from people. They all mean well, and I am grateful and love the positive attention - but I believe it has confused my mind, and given me a false sense of completion when they say how I look great now, and surely don;t have three more stone to lose. Before you all protect me, these comments are being made from a place of genuine support and care - not jealous people....so I am not worried by the comments themselves - just that I start thinking, Hmmm......maybe I AM close to done?? This alls tems from never having a true image of myself in my mind. Still.

So - this week.....lots of water. Somethign to aim for again: 11 stone, a three stone goal, and lots of stoking that fire that needs to continue burning as strong now as it did when I lost my FIRST three stone. I am now going to lose my LAST three stone. That is my new goal.

I feel better tonight. I am truly feeling I am ready for this diet to be over, but accept the fact that it is not. So - bellows at the ready, lets get that fire burning strong and bright again, and everyones wonderful comments will not be allowed to douse the flame.

I am done with the diet only when I say I am done with the diet. Not anyone else - no matter how well-meaning their comments are.

There. That's it!

LET'S KEEP ROCKIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its still a loss. I put on 0.2 this week and have just finished RtM so am now a life time member :D

Still got 1 1/2 stone to lose but hey ho!

You are so close to goal BL - you are a star!!!!:girlpower:
hi BL,

im glad u had a good meeting and a loss, tho not as good as u hoped for this week. i completely understand where your coming from when u say the comments r confusing u as much as u know they r said with good meaning. iv never looked at it like that b4 but now u have explained i guess it does make sense. u have come a very long way, and the end is in sight but u can now see the distance u still have to travel which im thinking probably dont help, but i think thats cos uv been on your journey for so long. its your journey, u finish it when u want to finish it, this last 3 stone u want to lose, let it be the start of your new journey, just like when ppl go travelling, they start at a place, finish at a new place then they start from that new place to travel to another new place. BL, this is to wish u well on your new journey xxxx
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Good for you girl. and so what if its a smaller loss, its still a loss. Good idea to up the water, I have been slack in that department too.

I am attacking the next three weeks with as much gusto as I can manage, I will walk for a minimum of an hour a day and two if the weather is good. I will not put anything in my mouth that is not allowed there. And I will weigh 10st something for my best friends 40th.

As you have been I have been "finished" in my head and I am not, I will get to that goal, I want to know what its going to feel like to get there. I revised my goal was going for 10st but now all I want is to be 68kgs (10st7) I know I can and I will and nothing is going to stop me not even me.

Keep rocking Blonde!! The end is in sight for both of us.



I'm going to be slim
Well done BL
You are on that downhill run your last 3 stone will go just like the 1st 3 never to return stick with it
You will know when you are done not those around you

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