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Week 29 WI

Well my usual WI day is Monday but coz I had a meeting Monday morning I didn't WI till Tuesday morning. I know I should have posted then but this week has been sooooooooooo hectic that I just haven't had 5 mins to myself!:argh::banghead:

This week I managed 1kg or 2.2lbs.:scale: Not fantastic but expected. My losses have slowed right down as I get closer to my target. I have also suffered from a bad back and saw a doc last week - not my usual GP! I told this one I was on LT and she obviously had no idea what it entailed! She told me to take ibuprofen.

I got straight home, had a shake and popped a tablet - before realising it was coated in sucrose!!!!:sign0007: I rang LT who were very good but said if the doc said take them then take them!!! They also said it may knock me out of ketosis, my loss maybe lower and I may feel hungrier!!!!:silly: They couldn't recommend a brand not coated in sucrose! I did take them for a while but they weren't helping and I was feeling hungrier so I stopped!!!!!!!! Still get the pain, am still hungry but am just ignoring the urges to eat and having a coffee whenever I do!

I have found I am drinking less plain water these days. Some days I barely manage 2L, although I am drowning in coffee!!!!:coffee: I must have 2L a day! I need it coz I am so cold these days!:gen125:

On the plus side - I bought a pair of size 12 jeans today (I LOVE charity shops!) thinking they wouldn't fit but they did!!!!!:bliss: Okay, so I have a muffin top but who cares - size 12!!!! I have never been a size 12 in my adult life! 7 months ago I owned one pair of tight size 22 jeans which I daren't try on in case they didn't fit (I last wore them 3 years ago!) and today I got a size 12 pair on! And they were loose around the bum!!! I love LT!!!!

I also had my hair cut in the week. I went to the local tech college as it is cheaper and they did a great job. I hair looks less thin now and my children say I look like my skinny younger sister!!!:giggle:

I shall miss this Monday's WI as well as I am working but am hoping to get in Tuesday instead.

xxxxxxx :gen126:
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CF you are the supreme inspiration to us all!! Your weight loss journey keeps me going, you never moan and always have wise words for the rest of us. You deserve all your success, well done you!! xxxx
Well done on your 2.2lbs lost. Thats what happens when u get close to goal but your doing great. Sorry about your back, I really hope the pain goes away. Congrats for fitting in that size 12 jeans, I'm sure you are so chuffed. have no doubt you will reach your xmas target. Good luck on Tuesday weigh in.
Aw thanks girls. It is definitely the people on this site that have kept me going. I would have given up a long time ago, I only originally planned to do 8 weeks but reading the inspirational stories of Gaz, Nicki and others when I first found this site made me think I could do it this time! I can't believe the change in such a short space of time!

I must admit I am more interested in food these days, though healthier food if truth be known! OH had a tin of sardines the other day - something I have never fancied in my whole life and they smelt lovely! I'm looking forward to trying some on wholemeal toast! Sad ah!!!!!!

Well done on such an amazing achievement....keep going, you're so nearly there! :)

What an inspiration you are. I can't remember ever owning anything size 12 and it fitting...maybe one day. :cool:
Well done on such an amazing achievement....keep going, you're so nearly there! :)

What an inspiration you are. I can't remember ever owning anything size 12 and it fitting...maybe one day. :cool:
Thanks hun. I never thought I would! Your start weight is only 8lb more than mine and if I can do this then I know you can too. Just put a photo of something you would love to be able to wear in your kitchen so if you ever feel tempted to break your diet you'll see it! I have a size 14 Jane Norman top hanging in my room so that I see it every morning. It keeps me going all day! I must try it on again as it was too tight the last time I tried.

Ssshhh, don't tell anyone but I just tried it on again! It fits!!!! It is a bit clingy but that is the material! Must admit, I'm smiling now!!!!

Great loss - Well done !! :D:D
beta on than off

2.2lb is beta off my love than on,it all adds up..keep that chin up :wavey::gen126::gen126:
well done cf you are nearly there keep up the good work I hope your back gets better soon

x Sharrom


nearly there!! :)
ur doing amazing well done xxx


Silver Member
Well done CF your doing fantastic...soon be at your target!!! hope the back pain stops soon,well done on the size 12 jeans & fitting into that top,must be a great feeling... Caz xx
Hi hun, so glad that you are doing so well and sticking at it despite the slow down.

On the ibuprofen front I don't think any of the own brand ones have the sugar coating that nurofen has. I eat them at TOTM and haven't had any probs, I am pretty sure cuprofen are ok. I was told by my pharmacist to be careful to take them after a shake tho cos of potential stomach problems. Hope the back improves soon.

What have you decided for your target? Hope tomorrow is a good one x
well done ya, your overall loss is such an achievement and unfortunately it does slow down nearer your target but still a loss is a loss even when ya were on sick so well done!!
Thank you all, I am happy with any loss coz it takes me closer to my target!

Scazzy, your posts have always made me smile and I have loved sharing our weight loss journey. We teachers need to stick together!!!! How are your pupils finding the new you? Mine have stopped gawping now but the older ones often tell me they didn't recognise me at first! Well, I'm only supply and I hadn't seen them for 3 months!!!!


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