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week 3, not sure I can do this anymore....

having a really bad couple of days, all over the weekend my belly did nothing but rumble but i resisted the urge until sunday eve when I had some tuna to try and stop the rumbling.

Woke up this morning feeling all positive went on the wii fit, had my first soup at 12 for lunch but by 2 i was getting the rumbling again and not just a lil rumble it could be heard over the tv. My little boy had crisps with his lunch so i pinched a few :( prob not the best thing to have eaten.

just not sure i can do this anymore, i miss being able to eat food when everyone else eats, cooking the family tea of an evening is a nightmare i want to eat the spag bol and home made curry i do them not a bowl of soup!

i'm definatley in Ketosis (checked this morning) although after pinching a couple of crisps not sure if that will kick me out of ketosis now

I look pale i am continuously tired, just not sure what else to do

sorry for the moan :(
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could you go up a plan , maybe do SS+ with either the meal or 4 packs , or even 810 is much easier to stick to if you are struggling ??

I know how you feel , we have all felt it at times when on CD but if you can push through the feeling it will pass and become more managable

I hope you can decide what is best for you xx
I did think about that but I know that if i went up a plan and I start introducing a meal it will be disastrous, thats what I liked about SS no meals= no temptation to have too large a portion or to 'cheat'


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Agree with Determinator, moving up to 810 for a week might help... SS is very hard to do unless your head is in the right place and you get to that 'safe zone' where food doesn't matter as much as usual. For me, that comes & goes, so I know how hard it is. A lot of it is about how you feel/think about it all. Allow the doubts in and you can unravel pretty fast... I know that to my cost!

You've made a great start - think hard before you give up on CD. Even taking an extra shake a day could make all the difference? Take care, Chelly.



Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Sorry cross-posted - agree, for me, taking food out of the picture is what makes CD such a good option. Try the extra pack - I'm 5' 8" and when I did this it made a HUGE difference.

what effect would taking an extra shake a day have on weight loss tho? i know its only another 138 ish calories on top, i've had good losses in my first 2 weeks so dont want to undo that or drop to the 1-2lb loss a week that i was getting when on SW.

do you think it would do any harm if i stuck to my 3 shakes/soups but also had some tuna each day or even every other day (not sure whether its recommended to eat in daily?) i know it kind of defeats the object of SS but knowing i had that to fall back on should i need it without affecting the weight loss would possibly help
I normally measure myself at 5ft8 (thats what i say if anyone asks how tall i am) but my original cdc said i was only 5ft6 so didn't need 4 packs a day
S: 21st0lb C: 20st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 48.2 Loss: 0st13lb(4.42%)
Not sure if it's naughty or not but I always have some fresh cooked chicken or turkey in the fridge so if I want to I can nibble a bit, surely got to be better than eating crap or coming off the diet totally xxx


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Your first 2 weeks losses are fab - focus on that as the motivation to keep going.

Its so hard isn't it - I did 5 weeks last time - lost 3stone and have put it all and a bit more back on cos I didn't do it properly - I'm determined to succed this time around.


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Chelly, I lost 4 stone last time around on 4 packs & then 810. I'd say either a 4th pack or a tin of tuna would equal SS+ and the rate of loss is almost the same as for SS, only for many people it's easier to stick to. Just gives you that bit more leeway. My CDC said that I didn't need 4 packs, but I struggled so badly the first 2 weeks... a CDC on minis suggested I up the packs and it made a huge difference. I seriously doubt if you've shrunk, hun, so suspect you probably are 5' 8"!

Try not to think about how fast the losses will be but what changes may help you to stick with it.

thankyou for all your advice and support, as usual you guys are great at lifting the spirits,

I will certainly look at adding another pack if I feel I need it or atleast my tin of tuna until I get sick of the taste of that lol

thanks :)
yeah having 1 extra pack just takes you up to SS+ which is exactly the same average weight loss . Research shows that there is no difference in weight loss when you drop below 800 calories a day , so 4 packs would make no difference to your losses . There is also nothing wrong with having a tin of tuna ( which is SS+ too ) as long as you can do it without wanting more !!

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