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Week 3 Re-feed Weigh In- Pick me up off the floor!!


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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I could have died today when I went for my weigh in. It has been a really stressful week, of lots of ups and downs, hubby has left, I've been poorly, I had the job interview, I got the job :)D), had loads of assignments to do, work, looking after the boys and helping them through this hard time, so I could tell I had lost a bit of weight this week, have been sticking to the sheet, but have been really aware of my portion sizes.

And I lost
6 LBS!!!!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I was absolutely gob smacked!!!! I have now reached my target weight, and it has taken me a week to do this from my last weigh, where I estimated my losses would like that one at 1lb a week, taking 6 wks. I think I am still in shock!!!

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WOWZA holy god you nearly more than i did over 2 weeks on tfr you go girl! wat a good week for you (except the hubby). Really well done did the pharmacist tell you to eat more??????
fantastic x

sorry to hear about hubby x

great news about your job and i'm also gobsmacked you lost that much.


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Well done Liz......you needed that boost, you really did!!! I am very pleased for you, but 6lb girl!!! Oh my word.....oh just watch though that you dont lose too much, esp with all that is going on...make sure you are looking after YOU!

You are at goal now; time for maintaining....yippeeeee....

Didnt realise hubby had gone..sorry :( How are the boys? Are they ok???? As ok can be I suppose.

Thinking of you and again, well done Liz, you really are a true inspiration!


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Thank you. Boys are not taking it well, especially the eldest. It doesn't help that he has gone off some stick insect blonde floozy!! Even though I have lost the weight, it hasn't done anything for my self esteem! Shattered to say the least!

I bought some more shakes today, I really cannot part with them. Everybody has said be very careful with the weight loss too, but at the moment, I am eating because I HAVE to, I am having the shakes because I WANT to. Going through a whole load of emotions at the moment, some of the best things in my life happening, some of the very worst. All in 1 week!!! Need to try and stay strong and healthy for my boys, they need me now more than ever. The support on here is really helpful, a great big thank you to all x
He's with someone else already???? Dat is just flippin disgraceful. oh hun you are amazing i really hope you get your self esteem back coz he's obviously not worth it if he can do that to you!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Aw Liz my heart goes out to you.
You will get through this; just keep looking ahead if you can.

I am sure your boys will sort it out in their heads in their time and their way!

I can imagine you dont want to eat, etc at the minute.....why dont you get some of the maintenance bars and then maybe you can eat this too...it might just give you a few more cals, but nothing too big. I got a sample today, dont know what it tastes like and if it will trigger any choc feelings.....just trying to think of simple things that might help you to maintain, rather than lose and get sick...if you see what I mean. But, you have too much going on and I appreciate that.

Could you maybe start some course to give you a little boost? Is there something you are really interested in "outside the home" that would give you a little interest at the minute?


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Just forked out on the shakes, so nothing spare for the maintanance stuff, they are quite dear. Have got some samples, but like you have not tried them.

Am dong a distance learning degree in criminal justice at the moment, so have my hands full with that at the moment, it is quite hard going. Work 41 hours, so time left over after that is dedicated to my boys, me time is not in the equation!! Thanks for the suggestion though.

I am sure in time I will pick myself up. Expecting a long and bumpy road ahead of us though


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh Liz......I remember that time, I was doing AAT, working full time, do accounts for my husbands company and my friends company..I was so burnt out. I eventually left the course and didnt finish my final year. I just couldnt do it - but it isnt always so easy.

sometimes just spending an hour on your own, in a nice bubbly bath, etc..nice music works wonders...no money involved :)

Just remember you need to look after you - dont overdo it, if possible.....you have come a long way and achieved so much.

Right, going to bed now..up at 6 20am tomorrow!! YIKES....almost midnight...will probably turn into a pumpkin soon :D

Take care sweetie.......
first of all WOWZER!!! 6lbs in a week and not on TFR!!! man i hope i'm as successful!

regarding the other stuff, i suspect its all that pleasure pain stuff people talk about. you're at your goal weight, have had a successful job interview and sadly your marriage has had a blow. not to mention the difficult job of keeping the kids happy.

well done hun and good luck xx

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