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week 3 weigh in and planned meal

hi everyone. have not been on here much this week as have been really busy at work. just wanted to report back that i got weighed yesterday and STAYED THE SAME. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

its weird because I am not too bothered about not losing cos week 3 was the first week that my clothes actually felt bigger and people noticed that i have lost 13lbs. i think it might be my body's way of just catching up. still a bummer though and i am hoping that the diet has not given up on me!

also, had a pizza meal last night, it was a planned treat and I told my CDC when i started CD. She told me it was up to me but to wake up and start SS the next day and drink double the amount i usually drink. I enjoyed the meal and have woken up today 2lbs over what i weighed yesterday, but i am on SS and have drunk 2 litres already. not hungry at all or headachey but have to say I am worried that I may not lose again. however, I am determined to incorporate CD into my life and my next planned meal is in 4 weeks on my birthday.

I know a lot of people on here will really disapprove but there are a lot of meals out that i say no to on a daily basis but there a few i have selected which i cannot and do not want to miss. I have also made sure that the meals are few and far between. Has anyone had a planned meal and then lost that week? If so I would really love to hear from you to stay motivated today and i would love to hear what you have done different after the planned meal.

As for the non weight loss, the way i see it is that i have lost 13lbs in my first 2 weeks of CD and at the time of the loss i didn't feel any different. This week I do and my CD measured me and I have lost 3 inches off my waist alone, so feelings wise i feel great, depsite the weight loss.

Its half term this week and we have loads planned. As i am in week 4 my CDC suggested i do SS+ this week so I can eat something but i am gonna try and SS and have a good loss.

Many thanks for reading this!
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Well done on the inch loss. I reckon you have to do whatever you think will help you stick to CD in the long term. Just remember that it's only your mind that knows it's a planned meal, your body doesn't know and will slow your weight loss down (or not) in exactly the same way as if you'd had an unplanned binge!
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I stayed the same in my 3rd week. Don't let it get you down, stick at it. The scales will move again next week, regardless if you add a meal or SS, I reckon.
Good luck
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Hi Leeds,

Don't worry about other people dissaproving of you, its nobodys place to judge you. In my opinion everybodys experiences are different on this diet therefore what suits one won't suit another. If you have the determination and willpower to have your planned nights off and then get back on plan i don't think anyone should criticise you for it.

The problem only comes if you make it a regular thing, which results in you getting frustrated as you aren't losing as quick as you would like. So far i planned to have a day off for a wedding, but when it came to it i wasn't ready to face proper food again so i chose not to. It seems to me that you are aware of all of the pros and cons from planned days off and so as long as you are making your choices based on the facts then go for it hun.

Good luck with the rest of your time on cambridge.

well done on sticking to the diet,

i've been real good all week, but i'm of out for daughters birthday dinner today.

i'ts a family meal and one that i just can't get out of, and dont want to.

so i planned to have a sunday dinner, but tomorrow i will be back on track, my mind is made up
thanks everyone. I know its not ideal to have days off (planned or not) but for me it feels better to 'plan' a meal off cos then i can prepare for it mentally and i can train myself to come back to CD. i have not really had any unplanned blips and am hoping that CD will help me keep track of what i am eating when reaching goal.

I have downed nearly 4 litres today and am about to have my 2nd shake. everything is going ok today and i am looking forward to next weeks weigh in.
I think you're right - you can get away with avoiding most social eating, but sometimes there's just no way around it.

I'm just impressed that you can get straight back into CD afterwards. I really struggled after a planned meal this week (but am back on track now thanks to your support & that of other forum members.)

I think you're doing great.

Do you know what's happening with '16 and Shrinking?' - I haven't heard anything for a while & wasn't sure if that was down to my lack of experince with forums - perhaps I've missed something ...?
thanks. i have no idea if team 16 ever took off....


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I had a Chinese a couple of weeks ago & still lost 2lb that week! Like you say if it's planned & you know you can right back on it the next day then it's fine.
Me & my df are going out for something to eat next saturday. It's been planned for a while & I'm not worried. Infact quite the opposite, as I know it is easy for me to just have that meal & jump right back on the plan the following day.

well i'm back from daughters 25th birthday lunch

went for , pate and small pieces of toast

lamb, pots and veg

3 profeterols (spelling)

that's my lot, drank a lot of water with my meal.

It just wasn't a choice for me not to eat at a family meal today.

So all week i've known that i had to eat, but i'm raring to go tomorrow, and it is my weigh in day.

so i now put that behind me and i'm starting again.
hi - its nice to know that i am not the only one who has the occasional day off. i haven't found starting again hard, in fact i find i am more determined having had a small break. i was starting to fantasis about food but am back on form now.

i know that if i do this too often then it will be too difficult getting back on track. thanks for all the replies, its good to hear other peoples opinions.
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i went to a ball saturday had salmon salad, venison potatoes and cabbage and creme thingy, all very very rich, drank a ton of water and only put half a pound on back on the plan strickly from now on i think you still have to enjoy your life x
Good for you for having your mind set on what you want.

I too have planned break's from this diet, but as long as your focused on what you are doing i see there being no problem.

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